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Dec 2013: Willy shaped shadows and other weird things in Westminster

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So I decided to pop into London to go see Westminster Abbey. A busker on the tunnel out to the riverside.

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the London eye

 photo 05-IMG_5452_zps13x8glhd.jpg

Westminster Bridge

 photo 06-IMG_5455_zpskotkwdht.jpg photo 07-IMG_5457_zpstcfq61ju.jpg

And then this strange building, just what is it supposed to represent?

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Big Ben

 photo 09-IMG_5467_zpseekdiykt.jpg

Boudicca rampaging through the streets of London.

 photo 11-IMG_5472_zps0xjsxy3v.jpg

 photo 01-IMG_0824_zpsrblcwulv.jpg

the sun is setting fast.

 photo 12-IMG_5476_zps54w3vsim.jpg

and the palace of Westminster

 photo 15-IMG_5488_zpsoo3fagjp.jpg

some of the tourists are being taken around on a fast boat.

 photo 16-IMG_5491_zpsllpfx39p.jpg

Old Father Thames…

 photo 17-IMG_5494_zps3phm6b25.jpg  photo 18-IMG_5497_zpsxt2hndux.jpg

And then we come to the willy shaped shadows :) this can only be seen on very few days of the year when the sun is low enough and at the right angle :)

 photo 19-IMG_5500_zps24rc532c.jpg

such a lovely lamp

 photo 21-IMG_5506_zpswggqk99r.jpg

ok ok, i wouldnt pop in if you are that anal about it. Although thinking about the sodding theft which goes on inside the parliament, the organised crime perps are inside than outsiders trying to break in.

 photo 22-IMG_5512_zpsbq2r25ic.jpg  photo 24-IMG_5517_zps1uxsysik.jpg photo 25-IMG_5521_zpsulk5rucs.jpg

there’s the Abbey.

 photo 23-IMG_5515_zpsckfbejjk.jpg

And a mini

 photo 26-IMG_5524_zps0in9ig6s.jpg

the palace

 photo 27-IMG_5527_zpsruqpr4pc.jpg 

here’s old Ollie. Oliver Cromwell

 photo 28-IMG_5536_zpsafi5wqr7.jpg

More statues in the Parliament Square

 photo 29-IMG_5539_zpspcidkptk.jpg  photo 35-IMG_5556_zpscabjzxme.jpg 

Nelson Mandela had just died so the place was absolutely heaving with flowers.

 photo 30-IMG_5542_zpsx7x9reqe.jpg  photo 31-IMG_5545_zpsva6ep6up.jpg

the bell tower.

 photo 32-IMG_5548_zpsrgnur6ys.jpg 

and the church.

 photo 33-IMG_5551_zpsgcuiadch.jpg  photo 34-IMG_5554_zpsxjrd8lu8.jpg

a lovely little plaque on top of the door. And an even more beautiful lamp.

 photo 36-IMG_5560_zpso61psgoj.jpg

the history of this church is amazing. truly astounding, the people who are buried in here are a veritable who’s who of British history. Well, its a Royal Peculiar :)

 photo 37-IMG_5562_zpsrkcuncfl.jpg  photo 39-IMG_5569_zpsbbuyjqqa.jpg photo 38-IMG_5566_zps1vvimsxc.jpg photo 40-IMG_5572_zpsbewabbmq.jpg photo 41-IMG_5575_zpsukkdzeev.jpg photo 42-IMG_5578_zpsdtczgdnk.jpg photo 45-IMG_5587_zpspgspktt6.jpg 

The main door and facade are truly spectacular.

 photo 43-IMG_5581_zpsra28bxyx.jpg  photo 44-IMG_5583_zpsr7useei6.jpg

The buttresses. And the Gothic structure is beautiful.

  photo 46-IMG_5590_zpsz8yf7nay.jpg 

I admire the spectacular door. Check out the capitals, have you ever seen such lovely capitals on a column?

 photo 47-IMG_5593_zpscvp9cwrc.jpg 

And then this dragon..I wasnt allowed to photograph inside, dammit. I hate this..

 photo 48-IMG_0827_zpscexv6aez.jpg

what a lovely lovely pillar.

 photo 49-IMG_0828_zps6dek9nnp.jpg photo 50-IMG_0829_zpsuiibntov.jpg 

and this lovely set of wooden doors.

 photo 51-IMG_0831_zps46iouqzs.jpg  photo 54-IMG_0834_zpskmroa5h3.jpg 

peeking into the courtyard

 photo 52-IMG_0832_zpsmb7zclm9.jpg 

very nice. Halley’s Comet…

 photo 53-IMG_0833_zpsx37nkjkk.jpg 

And another interesting link to India.

 photo 57-IMG_0839_zpsj49rfim9.jpg 

ah! Mountbatten….

 photo 58-IMG_0840_zpsysqbwr8a.jpg

heh, nice pun at the shop.

 photo 59-IMG_0842_zpspgqojkhv.jpg 

the leaves are stuck to the road

 photo 60-IMG_0844_zpse90ajtmb.jpg


 photo 61-IMG_0845_zpsskukrdys.jpg

why are offices flexible?

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