Friday, January 08, 2016

January 2013: When I got lost in a blizzard in the most exciting hike of my life in Canada

So I am back on the photo blogging trail. Some changes going forward unfortunately. First is that I have now moved to a mac. With a 5k screen. Which is spectacular when viewing the photographs. But not so good for blogging I am afraid. My trusted livewriter doesnt work on a mac, at least not easily and I cant be arsed to faff around with it. The native blogger functionality sucketh a donkey's hind legs. So I am still trying to find a good application but in the meantime, I will not be writing notes for each of the photos. Also, there will be more photographs..difficult to select and edit..bah.

Anyway, here goes the first one. I had to go to Toronto for work. I love Toronto and Canada and Canadians and and and, one of my dreams is to spend more time in Canada and visit its beautiful mountains and take the train! anyway, I found out this lovely hike, not too far away from Toronto, on the upper escarpment of the Niagara Falls. There are 7 waterfalls. So like an idiot, I packed up my stuff, including the ice hiking spikes, dried fruit, two bottles of water, and loads of cold weather outfits. The temperature was showing a usual -15c with an afternoon possibility of a blizzard with temperatures dropping down to -25c. Was I bovvered? no way I was bovvered, i can take care of myself. So took the early morning train from Toronto to Hamilton and then a taxi from there to this drop off point at Tiffany Falls.

it was a tough walk, lol, the hiking spikes just wouldnt dig into the sheer icy surface and would slip around. I was wearing thermal trousers and when i would fall on my proverbial patootie, those trousers wouldnt help cushion...but it was a spectacular sight, absolutely amazing. from there I walked to see the other falls, and then went off piste to see some historical buildings.

then it was around 1pm and I wanted to have something to eat, well, forced myself to eat. It was so frightfully cold...the temperature had dropped further, now it was -19-20c...and i was sitting on a bench outside this little log cabin, trying to shake out the nuts on to my palm with freezing fingers. Yikes, not fun.

Then I discovered my second problem. The two bottles of water which I had in the pockets on the sides of my bag had frozen solid. now here's a pretty pickle. There was a bit of sweating and I was worried about dehydration a bit. So put one bottle inside the parka to warm up. finished all of that.

the weather was closing in. And sod's law, I needed to take a pee. it was in the middle of the forest, so I wasnt worried about anybody seeing me, but in that frightful cold, to try to remove the draw string and pee...lets just say that I havent had an experience like that before.

and then came to a sulphur spring...nice tiny little place and by this time, the temperature was diving like a dingo down its hole. For the first time in my life, my camera stopped working due to the extreme cold and I got worried, the map was useless, it had become wet (forgot to put it into a plastic pouch/bag) and all the paths were gone, the snow was pretty heavy indeed with the wind picking up and swirling around the trees - must have been around -25c or even lower. I would be walking under the trees and suddenly, whomp, a whole mess of snow will be dropped on my head. I have to say it was getting hairy and then I fell over a rail. So followed it...checked the erosion marks on the rail and then walked for about 30m...and then crossed a trail. Guess what? the Canadian forest rangers were out, and one chap gave me a lift on a snow-mobile up to the trail head camp. The camp's heater's were out...and there was no transportation. There was a chap there who very kindly said that he's happy to give me a lift back to the train station. What a gentleman.

bestest hike evah! love it.

 photo IMG_9900_zpsauofkvdt.jpg photo IMG_9501_zpsobvmhpvg.jpg  photo IMG_9504_zpsttl7yop9.jpg  photo IMG_9507_zpsk5unxit3.jpg  photo IMG_9510_zpskvyerucz.jpg  photo IMG_9513_zpsuar13rrz.jpg  photo IMG_9516_zpsme3wyecb.jpg  photo IMG_9519_zpspgna2caj.jpg  photo IMG_9522_zpsmsfqox0f.jpg  photo IMG_9525_zpsu3uwoyvi.jpg  photo IMG_9528_zpsewlstsow.jpg  photo IMG_9531_zpswgn0spml.jpg  photo IMG_9534_zps54l4wnee.jpg  photo IMG_9537_zpsrdvpholi.jpg  photo IMG_9540_zpsl5gtcm3q.jpg  photo IMG_9543_zpsxw5zuqxs.jpg  photo IMG_9546_zpsasfez1gq.jpg  photo IMG_9549_zpszhkrxfvu.jpg  photo IMG_9552_zpsjwpyregs.jpg  photo IMG_9555_zpssg0ej1a6.jpg  photo IMG_9558_zpsnwvg3oxt.jpg  photo IMG_9561_zps0jhfvfkf.jpg  photo IMG_9564_zpsgsmyfpox.jpg  photo IMG_9567_zpsdsre3agn.jpg  photo IMG_9570_zpsaeveodvc.jpg  photo IMG_9573_zpsjjzelkry.jpg  photo IMG_9576_zpskoiqi3dv.jpg  photo IMG_9579_zpskbh61wxc.jpg  photo IMG_9582_zpssdfovaxy.jpg  photo IMG_9585_zpsqq1ydbtp.jpg  photo IMG_9588_zpsyjzhwj4s.jpg  photo IMG_9591_zps9clbt3zq.jpg  photo IMG_9594_zpsy6fge6gm.jpg  photo IMG_9597_zpsolpm4kjn.jpg  photo IMG_9600_zpslwb5tquq.jpg  photo IMG_9603_zpspi7iwxjq.jpg  photo IMG_9606_zpsvlihythd.jpg  photo IMG_9609_zpsxc4tnjue.jpg  photo IMG_9612_zps5w5p6knr.jpg  photo IMG_9615_zpshhc30i8k.jpg  photo IMG_9618_zpsefj2nkk8.jpg  photo IMG_9621_zpsyiyp7cmb.jpg  photo IMG_9624_zpsj7lg09so.jpg  photo IMG_9627_zpsnqizyvui.jpg  photo IMG_9630_zpskuii8e0p.jpg  photo IMG_9633_zpsyyo6paxx.jpg  photo IMG_9636_zpsb3islvrc.jpg  photo IMG_9639_zpsjtplqyf2.jpg  photo IMG_9645_zpsvzogfmdy.jpg  photo IMG_9647_zpsorpy3wcy.jpg  photo IMG_9651_zpsosvr0opj.jpg  photo IMG_9654_zpss0bwivs5.jpg  photo IMG_9657_zpsmaqb5zao.jpg  photo IMG_9660_zpsrwmhclat.jpg  photo IMG_9663_zpsmhhhc16x.jpg  photo IMG_9666_zpslnrkeubq.jpg  photo IMG_9669_zpswxywvllz.jpg  photo IMG_9672_zpspytfmrxa.jpg  photo IMG_9675_zpsouwhdnwa.jpg  photo IMG_9678_zpsmbfd3kxj.jpg  photo IMG_9681_zpsliiyppta.jpg  photo IMG_9684_zps2wcbibod.jpg  photo IMG_9687_zpswrfg8xjs.jpg  photo IMG_9690_zpshzd3byl5.jpg  photo IMG_9693_zps4m6eh5pn.jpg  photo IMG_9696_zpsu5m3iu0w.jpg  photo IMG_9699_zpszrk0ggin.jpg  photo IMG_9702_zpstguju4ju.jpg  photo IMG_9705_zpsfgl45evv.jpg  photo IMG_9708_zpsrfry1mn5.jpg  photo IMG_9711_zps4newscpn.jpg  photo IMG_9714_zpsq3jkvyqk.jpg  photo IMG_9717_zpsyrzz9dxe.jpg  photo IMG_9720_zpsadqfab8l.jpg  photo IMG_9723_zps40vlu2x4.jpg  photo IMG_9726_zpsjq4ugmzv.jpg  photo IMG_9729_zpsjcw02qqz.jpg  photo IMG_9732_zpsphvppac7.jpg  photo IMG_9735_zps59dwccuv.jpg  photo IMG_9735_zpsltuaertv.jpg  photo IMG_9738_zpsenugtly5.jpg  photo IMG_9741_zpsdkbca9xo.jpg  photo IMG_9744_zpsujx2qw4u.jpg  photo IMG_9747_zpscjvazxwe.jpg  photo IMG_9750_zpscqyag1yz.jpg  photo IMG_9753_zpsfwhwjtww.jpg  photo IMG_9756_zpstfp2ywgr.jpg  photo IMG_9759_zpspkwj93zl.jpg  photo IMG_9762_zps4dxbtlvw.jpg  photo IMG_9765_zpssttpdvc7.jpg  photo IMG_9768_zpsk1unetdp.jpg  photo IMG_9771_zpszx1ouhfn.jpg  photo IMG_9774_zpsgs9jarri.jpg  photo IMG_9777_zps5skezp7h.jpg  photo IMG_9780_zpshtyxsxip.jpg  photo IMG_9783_zpsbxhabjfx.jpg  photo IMG_9786_zpsncogdosf.jpg  photo IMG_9789_zpsfwq0amcs.jpg  photo IMG_9792_zpszpfxy93w.jpg  photo IMG_9795_zpsvgb58th5.jpg  photo IMG_9798_zpsuvdetowt.jpg  photo IMG_9801_zpsny4bk7kx.jpg  photo IMG_9804_zps6rolhm94.jpg  photo IMG_9807_zpsxiobuzug.jpg  photo IMG_9810_zpsxr7nwzj3.jpg  photo IMG_9813_zpsyyjoqjzq.jpg  photo IMG_9816_zpsmypbss7u.jpg  photo IMG_9819_zpsfvspz19p.jpg  photo IMG_9822_zpsbte3qdlv.jpg  photo IMG_9825_zpsmpmkqn0h.jpg  photo IMG_9828_zps4mgbeirx.jpg  photo IMG_9831_zpsq4xulaki.jpg  photo IMG_9834_zps8r3z0eaf.jpg  photo IMG_9837_zps087k4apr.jpg  photo IMG_9840_zpsxrqr5uaq.jpg  photo IMG_9843_zpsgrysc0lj.jpg  photo IMG_9845_zpsrdeyeyov.jpg  photo IMG_9849_zps9cqmoui5.jpg  photo IMG_9852_zps5nivargq.jpg  photo IMG_9855_zpsxeqwrwcg.jpg  photo IMG_9858_zpslefpnng9.jpg  photo IMG_9861_zpsbvbobp8s.jpg  photo IMG_9864_zpsdtpc3706.jpg  photo IMG_9867_zpsejilal8o.jpg  photo IMG_9871_zpsfxctykh5.jpg  photo IMG_9869_zpsbwfi2al4.jpg  photo IMG_9874_zpsfbdaslk3.jpg  photo IMG_9876_zpsnc76c3u5.jpg  photo IMG_9879_zpszz7mvuzl.jpg  photo IMG_9882_zpsuats90ck.jpg  photo IMG_9885_zps91oxgoup.jpg  photo IMG_9884_zps5dms8blc.jpg  photo IMG_9888_zpsnfwb1yf0.jpg  photo IMG_9891_zpsrybvxv9q.jpg  photo IMG_9894_zpss5i2vqd5.jpg  photo IMG_9897_zpso1gz5lpw.jpg  photo IMG_9903_zpsyiu2ppnh.jpg  photo IMG_9906_zpsqztrov4m.jpg  photo IMG_9909_zpsvfdzodjy.jpg  photo IMG_9912_zpszmmq5ayc.jpg  photo IMG_9915_zpspidfxf9w.jpg  photo IMG_9918_zpszzlzgtrp.jpg  photo IMG_9921_zpsphiztxfg.jpg  photo IMG_9924_zpsdpgaobh9.jpg  photo IMG_9927_zps6uwljz4t.jpg  photo IMG_9930_zpsmdv3lqrb.jpg  photo IMG_9933_zpsb33lap8j.jpg  photo IMG_9936_zpsl1sjcz2n.jpg  photo IMG_9939_zpsuyzog0fv.jpg  photo IMG_9942_zpsro0te1g4.jpg  photo IMG_9945_zps9v88rzhm.jpg  photo IMG_9948_zps1ybsohhm.jpg  photo IMG_9951_zpswszef6ka.jpg  photo IMG_9954_zpsg0oisvrt.jpg  photo IMG_9957_zpsjtl3vi5w.jpg  photo IMG_9960_zpszbovnk7r.jpg  photo IMG_9963_zpsjdr2vomk.jpg  photo IMG_9966_zpsmbw9h4sb.jpg  photo IMG_9969_zpsjceodbiw.jpg  photo IMG_9972_zpsrusprqdy.jpg  photo IMG_9976_zps1cx5mikv.jpg  photo IMG_9975_zpsazymexmu.jpg  photo IMG_9978_zpsaifyjtph.jpg  photo IMG_9981_zpsiugxjqq2.jpg  photo IMG_9984_zpslloxw7vc.jpg  photo IMG_9987_zpszidmdvoh.jpg  photo IMG_9989_zpsjgzyqbxv.jpg  photo IMG_9990_zpsrj3xgznu.jpg  photo IMG_9993_zps8faemmmz.jpg  photo IMG_9992_zpsi7kv1myr.jpg  photo IMG_9996_zpsjxsgqvly.jpg  photo IMG_9997_zpsjl5fdg3c.jpg  photo IMG_9999_zpslatgu8mm.jpg  photo IMG_0003_zps14zbwrg2.jpg  photo IMG_0006_zpseiuxilyi.jpg  photo IMG_0009_zpsi0zhgqva.jpg  photo IMG_0011_zpseucmdvhd.jpg  photo IMG_0012_zpspu9c7nrc.jpg  photo IMG_0015_zpsolsnc42u.jpg  photo IMG_0018_zpsrvicblio.jpg  photo IMG_0021_zpsvdehn0i4.jpg  photo IMG_0024_zpsq4igrzwm.jpg  photo IMG_0027_zpssoskaery.jpg  photo IMG_0029_zpsxzkbinio.jpg  photo IMG_0030_zpsaycnyfw2.jpg  photo IMG_0033_zpsf6x7zujf.jpg  photo IMG_0036_zpszq87gnqw.jpg  photo IMG_0039_zpssl3ib7zt.jpg  photo IMG_0042_zpsybvnmwer.jpg  photo IMG_0045_zpsirv9ovau.jpg  photo IMG_0048_zpsrvlyqz9y.jpg  photo IMG_0051_zpsmrbgszrl.jpg  photo IMG_0054_zpszuszeqsd.jpg  photo IMG_0056_zpsabxh2mgx.jpg  photo IMG_0057_zpspcbgkayy.jpg  photo IMG_0060_zpszmjqri7r.jpg  photo IMG_0063_zpsfpdlrelw.jpg  photo IMG_0066_zpsjmp05qx7.jpg  photo IMG_0069_zpsym5inj2g.jpg  photo IMG_0072_zps1nmik958.jpg  photo IMG_0075_zpsnk4jusov.jpg  photo IMG_0078_zpsfyblnqht.jpg  photo IMG_0081_zpsmtyihi5q.jpg  photo IMG_0084_zpscbmqh1eg.jpg  photo IMG_0087_zps3jem7f0h.jpg  photo IMG_0090_zpsrxotsgbi.jpg  photo IMG_0093_zpsosnaay6c.jpg  photo IMG_0096_zpsuxfwakza.jpg  photo IMG_0099_zpsq0euoqfq.jpg  photo IMG_0102_zpsiphhtj5u.jpg  photo IMG_0105_zpshh6hjixa.jpg  photo IMG_0108_zps09bakijl.jpg  photo IMG_0111_zpsdf4re4oq.jpg  photo IMG_0113_zpsmw4elelb.jpg  photo IMG_0117_zps0x7qdc8d.jpg  photo IMG_0120_zps9xtva8ax.jpg  photo IMG_0122_zpsxdoh4ewv.jpg  photo IMG_0124_zpsiveqptzl.jpg  photo IMG_0126_zpskklafazi.jpg  photo IMG_0129_zpsj7d9i1pc.jpg  photo IMG_0132_zpshcfe3hwu.jpg  photo IMG_0135_zpsdmvgjyjr.jpg  photo IMG_0138_zpssarjdelc.jpg  photo IMG_0140_zpspb4dfx1x.jpg  photo IMG_0143_zpsdecehe9s.jpg  photo IMG_0147_zpsxzxkgjer.jpg  photo IMG_0150_zpsqkmh6gdz.jpg  photo IMG_0153_zpsrkxnijes.jpg  photo IMG_0156_zpsdfjdau3x.jpg  photo IMG_0158_zpskbwxfuei.jpg  photo IMG_0162_zpsd4ygwlin.jpg  photo IMG_0165_zpsmhqn7u2g.jpg  photo IMG_0168_zpsgqqzmlbr.jpg  photo IMG_0170_zpsgj12pqbf.jpg  photo IMG_0174_zpswbxhmkpa.jpg  photo IMG_0177_zps7cggwvab.jpg  photo IMG_0180_zpsr5n5ivqt.jpg  photo IMG_0183_zpsojzqurzr.jpg  photo IMG_0186_zpstxnlot0b.jpg  photo IMG_0189_zpsftuaqz7c.jpg  photo IMG_0192_zpsnbpbnqvc.jpg  photo IMG_0195_zpsskfumqie.jpg  photo IMG_0198_zpselellhmi.jpg  photo IMG_0201_zpssyupmu8v.jpg  photo IMG_0204_zps4qr9t1ea.jpg  photo IMG_0207_zpsci8tubmc.jpg  photo IMG_0210_zpsehsaezfm.jpg  photo IMG_0213_zpssiwr8yfe.jpg  photo IMG_0216_zpswpf7drpc.jpg  photo IMG_0219_zps9gsn4ow5.jpg  photo IMG_0222_zpswyi396t1.jpg  photo IMG_0225_zpsos0ajipr.jpg  photo IMG_0228_zpseqk1rjms.jpg  photo IMG_0231_zps65n5g3jn.jpg  photo IMG_0234_zpsboztjvra.jpg  photo IMG_0237_zps5saveb1n.jpg  photo IMG_0240_zpsbhg6d5vj.jpg  photo IMG_0243_zpseodd4ghu.jpg  photo IMG_0246_zpshikzw1xo.jpg  photo IMG_0249_zpsyeiifcnt.jpg  photo IMG_0252_zps3cddozxp.jpg  photo IMG_0255_zpsfz2cwdu0.jpg  photo IMG_0261_zpsqo3kxu3h.jpg  photo IMG_0264_zpsn3fchezm.jpg  photo IMG_0267_zpsiki3c3m2.jpg  photo IMG_0270_zps1wioyhr8.jpg  photo IMG_0273_zpsamniegcr.jpg  photo IMG_0276_zps1uzmmqym.jpg  photo IMG_0279_zpsl4aefdzv.jpg  photo IMG_0282_zpsobcad3dc.jpg  photo IMG_0285_zpsmfahjydg.jpg  photo IMG_0288_zpswkle5sgs.jpg  photo IMG_0291_zpsxtxirgqx.jpg  photo IMG_0290_zpsg8yiqstk.jpg  photo IMG_0294_zpshgocseoh.jpg  photo IMG_0297_zpszu3yagye.jpg  photo IMG_0300_zpsyusyyhcu.jpg  photo IMG_0303_zpsdcygonsh.jpg  photo IMG_0306_zpsxprdf6ur.jpg  photo IMG_0309_zpses5hczzo.jpg  photo IMG_0312_zps1a6wrlau.jpg  photo IMG_0315_zpsifvvphhb.jpg  photo IMG_0318_zpsyae2tknt.jpg  photo IMG_0321_zpsjskgy4zq.jpg  photo IMG_0324_zps11fyrbtm.jpg  photo IMG_0327_zpsxd6pbsbe.jpg  photo IMG_0330_zpsqmodplze.jpg  photo IMG_0333_zpst6xajjmm.jpg  photo IMG_0336_zpstnnxnik6.jpg  photo IMG_0339_zpslhfjbumb.jpg  photo IMG_0342_zpssfvl7sfx.jpg  photo IMG_0345_zpstccfhns7.jpg  photo IMG_0348_zpsk04w8jzf.jpg  photo IMG_0351_zpsymiihi9u.jpg  photo IMG_0354_zpshm34wuf7.jpg  photo IMG_0357_zpsk2inj9zk.jpg  photo IMG_0360_zpsfwglfi8g.jpg  photo IMG_0363_zpsuihpbd0i.jpg  photo IMG_0366_zps2qkvods3.jpg  photo IMG_0369_zpsqf4rjcpb.jpg  photo IMG_0372_zpsdyndxahp.jpg  photo IMG_0375_zpscjfqb5l1.jpg  photo IMG_0378_zpsvpu1zbqw.jpg  photo IMG_0381_zpsit1vc3m1.jpg  photo IMG_0384_zpszb85ofxz.jpg  photo IMG_0387_zpsysebhmwy.jpg  photo IMG_0390_zpszbvfgfl0.jpg  photo IMG_0393_zpsacuyvptx.jpg  photo IMG_0396_zpsfjprhqhb.jpg  photo IMG_0399_zpsv442yp6t.jpg  photo IMG_0402_zpspekw3q0u.jpg  photo IMG_0405_zps1ynfqehy.jpg  photo IMG_0408_zpsjpqj44co.jpg  photo IMG_0411_zpsggsarwzy.jpg  photo IMG_0414_zpsrdljerlw.jpg  photo IMG_0417_zpsdonbqdva.jpg  photo IMG_0420_zpsvc2bkgyg.jpg  photo IMG_0423_zps1crcxk5c.jpg  photo IMG_0426_zpsfa5evs6q.jpg  photo IMG_0429_zpsz0ycbsfm.jpg  photo IMG_0432_zpsnzwcrrpx.jpg  photo IMG_0435_zpsyyo6oaqe.jpg  photo IMG_0438_zpsfaojrjom.jpg  photo IMG_0441_zpsk8s4ixz3.jpg  photo IMG_0444_zpstvbsb578.jpg  photo IMG_0447_zpsnaecpq52.jpg  photo IMG_0450_zps6cpeneq0.jpg  photo IMG_0453_zpsluy5klvq.jpg  photo IMG_0456_zpsmyknhgwr.jpg  photo IMG_0459_zpslqdfvl2v.jpg  photo IMG_0462_zpsedawtyop.jpg  photo IMG_0465_zpsxf93thvs.jpg  photo IMG_0468_zpskogqgmvz.jpg  photo IMG_0471_zps5tgqagh1.jpg  photo IMG_0474_zpsuz0r6fxm.jpg  photo IMG_0478_zpsfftp7jf7.jpg  photo IMG_0480_zpslwympss8.jpg  photo IMG_0483_zpsmtl3x2ts.jpg  photo IMG_0486_zps1int3owm.jpg  photo IMG_0489_zpsnwwijz8x.jpg  photo IMG_0492_zps5bytulgl.jpg  photo IMG_0495_zpsgqczl9ym.jpg  photo IMG_0498_zpsmcbfxnib.jpg  photo IMG_0501_zps0jyfn4sx.jpg  photo IMG_0504_zpsbdgev3sd.jpg  photo IMG_0507_zpsttcoy1gt.jpg  photo IMG_0510_zpsw0mj7rqq.jpg

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