Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 2014: Views of the Toronto Waterfront

So when I landed in Toronto, I decided to do one of my most favourite diversions in the city, go for a walk along the waterfront. Its such a lovely city.

And then there is the railroad museum. I know I am showing my sheldonian side here, but what's not to like about lovely lovely train engines? My childhood dream was to be a train driver. The image of you wearing a filthy oil soaked hat and coveralls, wiping hands on an even more filthy rag, leaning over the side of the cab to see what's ahead, eyes narrowed as I see her strong lamp light illuminating the rails disappearing into the night, one hand on the whistle string and the other on the throttle, while bellowing at the loader to shovel some coal - what a lovely time :) I have made a promise to myself, I will do a Canadian Rail journey before I shuffle off to the great railroad in the skies.

then I reach the waterfront, its completely frozen...i wonder if i can go for a walk on the icy water? maybe not, not sure if it will take my weight. And then the lovely sailing ships...they are beautifully lit and warm.

I pass some of the lovely boats which are covered, and I see some of them are occupied, some people are having fun inside them :).

I head back, its getting seriously cold and my hands are now slowly losing their power of touch, not good..

thank you Toronto :)

and some photos from the morning...

 photo IMG_0512_zpsrbfxai3p.jpg  photo IMG_0516_zpshbdwzwnd.jpg  photo IMG_0519_zpsptkt5eyt.jpg  photo IMG_0522_zps2gwg5nib.jpg  photo IMG_0525_zps7sgawywi.jpg  photo IMG_0527_zps6ssx5ppp.jpg  photo IMG_0531_zps9cjuusv3.jpg  photo IMG_0534_zpsc2jdwwdh.jpg  photo IMG_0537_zpsclqmqnlc.jpg  photo IMG_0539_zpsu9v99cfc.jpg  photo IMG_0543_zpsv5uglsxl.jpg  photo IMG_0546_zpsh3aq4sqf.jpg  photo IMG_0549_zpsvdggvute.jpg  photo IMG_0555_zpscnjo8q9s.jpg  photo IMG_0564_zpsfvug4gn9.jpg  photo IMG_0567_zpslnpnkhqt.jpg  photo IMG_0573_zpsvhfbnxei.jpg  photo IMG_0576_zpsdb7hwzno.jpg  photo IMG_0578_zpsnil60ilf.jpg  photo IMG_0581_zpsqchhkmba.jpg  photo IMG_0588_zps8wlkisao.jpg  photo IMG_0593_zpsquguyois.jpg  photo IMG_0597_zpswajci2to.jpg  photo IMG_0600_zpsa8ra1lvy.jpg  photo IMG_0603_zpsnpf1jjgk.jpg  photo IMG_0606_zpsiurfzuh5.jpg  photo IMG_0609_zpsz8ci3zfa.jpg  photo IMG_0612_zpsgl54bdnp.jpg  photo IMG_0615_zpsx6cs2dgm.jpg  photo IMG_0621_zpsldqbktjx.jpg  photo IMG_0624_zpsxb8otatm.jpg  photo IMG_0627_zpsc7wzwule.jpg  photo IMG_0633_zpshgyppa2t.jpg  photo IMG_0636_zpsf0cy0tve.jpg  photo IMG_0639_zps5piskcky.jpg  photo IMG_0642_zpsg2byhv2m.jpg  photo IMG_0644_zpsjqckttjm.jpg  photo IMG_0648_zpssmiujx6w.jpg  photo IMG_0651_zps0vlmlp4u.jpg  photo IMG_0654_zpszulujmcv.jpg  photo IMG_0657_zpsbst6qbtz.jpg  photo IMG_0660_zpsomip4bux.jpg  photo IMG_0663_zpsgmwmtema.jpg  photo IMG_0666_zpsajasxxzw.jpg  photo IMG_0669_zpsp2ehwznf.jpg  photo IMG_0672_zpshuthsgku.jpg  photo IMG_0678_zpsluzsjqki.jpg  photo IMG_0690_zpsh5nnom9u.jpg  photo IMG_0698_zps21ohgfxj.jpg  photo IMG_0702_zpsq4eas28l.jpg  photo IMG_0705_zpswmlafz8x.jpg  photo IMG_0708_zpsnny6qqqq.jpg  photo IMG_0714_zpscu8is2wo.jpg  photo IMG_0717_zpster0fxxa.jpg  photo IMG_0720_zps57afrovz.jpg  photo IMG_0723_zpshlczysf5.jpg  photo IMG_0726_zpsndaeillo.jpg  photo IMG_0729_zpsg73xe8mx.jpg  photo IMG_0732_zpssfvnqwed.jpg  photo IMG_0737_zpstkwmdnzm.jpg  photo IMG_0741_zpspffj4ej2.jpg  photo IMG_0744_zpsrwlfqwok.jpg  photo IMG_0747_zpsougxpt4b.jpg  photo IMG_0750_zpsj4bqfzse.jpg  photo IMG_0753_zpslqled1cn.jpg  photo IMG_0756_zpsnmzvrmhk.jpg  photo IMG_0762_zps6qn1cp8g.jpg  photo IMG_0765_zpsalmtql4w.jpg  photo IMG_0768_zpscvl7bb9t.jpg  photo IMG_0771_zpsoyjc1duz.jpg  photo IMG_0776_zpsfzfzglgz.jpg  photo IMG_0780_zpspi9qqp7e.jpg  photo IMG_0783_zpshmdqgz7v.jpg  photo IMG_0786_zpsuvu9ssc9.jpg  photo IMG_0788_zpsbmugchc5.jpg  photo IMG_0792_zpspnivmtlv.jpg  photo IMG_0798_zpspkqi9vrm.jpg  photo IMG_0801_zpsa07sie3f.jpg  photo IMG_0804_zpsywjlytup.jpg  photo IMG_0807_zpsu7cxc5ij.jpg  photo IMG_0810_zpspqmdpcyy.jpg  photo IMG_0816_zps6qml5dbx.jpg  photo IMG_0819_zpsgwtssppr.jpg  photo IMG_0822_zpsfeuofuqr.jpg

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