Saturday, January 16, 2016

A road full of books leading to a building full of books

After Toronto, I popped into New York on the Sunday and hared off to my favourite place, the New York Public Library and walked the library way. This is an absolute fascinating place. Previously this road leading to the Library was a back road, just fit for delivery vans delivering food and stuff to the restaurants on 42nd street, but now 41st Street from Fifth Avenue to the Park Avenue/Pershing Square Viaduct is a fascinating place. Why? well, look down, not up, you will see both sides of the street studded with brass plaques which quote from a variety of books and poems. So I was wondering what to delete and what to show, and then thought, sod it, all of them are lovely and beautiful.

But the best part is this little statue hidden on the side, shows two kids reading a book, most civilised, no? such a lovely sculpture indeed. So come with me while I walk up and down the Library Way.

   photo IMG_0825_zps4c5uulmx.jpg photo IMG_0828_zps9fsisfyx.jpg  photo IMG_0831_zpsfena7oez.jpg  photo IMG_0837_zps8qoqtpru.jpg  photo IMG_0840_zps6ertxuuk.jpg  photo IMG_0843_zps5uzekzvg.jpg  photo IMG_0846_zps6pipa8lu.jpg  photo IMG_0849_zpsnatt52et.jpg  photo IMG_0852_zpsfjocep0x.jpg  photo IMG_0858_zpsevwldo1e.jpg  photo IMG_0861_zpstj762yjk.jpg  photo IMG_0864_zpsur99btqx.jpg  photo IMG_0867_zps8pdg9cam.jpg  photo IMG_0870_zpsvyer5udk.jpg  photo IMG_0873_zpshnkyfdby.jpg  photo IMG_0876_zpsmf5ggg9g.jpg  photo IMG_0879_zpsfzssgsri.jpg  photo IMG_0882_zpsu7k3j8nb.jpg  photo IMG_0885_zpsbsmdsati.jpg  photo IMG_0888_zpsu1lujmz7.jpg  photo IMG_0891_zpsxgkuniax.jpg  photo IMG_0894_zps76mfpxhx.jpg  photo IMG_0897_zpse70mkv8m.jpg  photo IMG_0900_zps2drlzl3b.jpg  photo IMG_0903_zpsr5xtbiow.jpg  photo IMG_0906_zpsjhsdxxrf.jpg  photo IMG_0909_zpszxicd9vi.jpg  photo IMG_0912_zpsysbfpceu.jpg  photo IMG_0915_zpseayfcok0.jpg  photo IMG_0918_zpsfwaaiffm.jpg  photo IMG_0921_zpslocj9omc.jpg  photo IMG_0924_zpskc6halti.jpg  photo IMG_0927_zps9bv3jahp.jpg  photo IMG_0930_zpsyce74r0s.jpg  photo IMG_0933_zpskwdgakbs.jpg  photo IMG_0936_zps8mpxuyhx.jpg  photo IMG_0939_zpsgbkjhjkl.jpg  photo IMG_0942_zpsucp6cxjs.jpg  photo IMG_0945_zpsbo1j4haj.jpg  photo IMG_0948_zpszj8zbvcu.jpg  photo IMG_0951_zpspkyykdh0.jpg  photo IMG_0954_zpsvo2flzx2.jpg  photo IMG_0957_zps7ci1ybam.jpg  photo IMG_0960_zpse1fkx4c5.jpg  photo IMG_0963_zpskktkqjjd.jpg  photo IMG_0966_zpsp4efw1fy.jpg  photo IMG_0969_zpsijycdvbz.jpg  photo IMG_0972_zpsndpnqwbu.jpg  photo IMG_0975_zpsni2v7tcy.jpg  photo IMG_0978_zpsss7uoa46.jpg  photo IMG_0981_zpsuvsllubp.jpg  photo IMG_0984_zpshg1bmix3.jpg  photo IMG_0987_zps7bsqvb1i.jpg  photo IMG_0990_zpswotbahdx.jpg  photo IMG_0993_zpst2sobcpd.jpg  photo IMG_0996_zpsgklpsbdz.jpg  photo IMG_0999_zpsvqpxeje2.jpg  photo IMG_1002_zpsy3hbpge4.jpg  photo IMG_1005_zpszbperne6.jpg  photo IMG_1008_zpsmslyuwga.jpg  photo IMG_1011_zps8tgx7jyt.jpg  photo IMG_1014_zpshbt3tppn.jpg  photo IMG_1017_zpsevu4zs12.jpg  photo IMG_1020_zpsxdfzkc8y.jpg  photo IMG_1023_zpsrw6e0tvv.jpg

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