Thursday, July 21, 2016

March 2014: A wonder in wood - a miniature Flemish tabernacle from the 16th Century

In my 47 years of existence, I have seen so many wonderful pieces of art. Wood is one of the most difficult materials to work in and this piece is perhaps the most amazing wooden pieces I have ever seen. Truly magnificent. This is in the Wallace Collection. It is about 50 cms and has been carved with an attention to detail that is just extraordinary. each and every figure is painstakingly picked out. Heck, the carving itself is amazing but imagine how they would have polished the wood, that would be even more difficult. Once or twice an year, i go there and fog up the glass admiring this wonderful piece of work. Truly amazing.
  photo IMG_3233_zpscfkhkjnp.jpg

 photo IMG_3236_zpspsbzou2z.jpg

 photo IMG_3239_zpswlfedsgi.jpg

 photo IMG_3242_zps6yiborwj.jpg

 photo IMG_3245_zpserardngc.jpg

 photo IMG_3248_zpsro7glkkc.jpg

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 photo IMG_3257_zpsxuni2mo0.jpg

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 photo IMG_3263_zpspopotcya.jpg

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