Saturday, January 31, 2009

My baby’s first love letter

Diya came to me very excited today morning and showed me this letter from her new boy friend, Nirvan.

He made so many lovely little hearts, he made a flower which seems to have heart shaped flowers and a strange flying saucer in the middle, and wrote my girl’s name twice. I was torn between saying, “awww, so cute”, to feeling a wee bit jealous, to feeling very protective, to feeling a bit sad that my little princess is growing up. Sighs, i am in for some serious trouble, aint I?

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1 comment:

Bheela said...

So glad to see this letter - I remember when Bittu was small, one day she came and told me that you know, the boy in my class said some thing, which should not have been said. I asked her - did he say 'I love you'? She was surprised and said ' how did you know??' well - such is the case with parents of little baby girls - a time will come when others will start showing deep affection towards them leaving the parents totally confused..
Shonabhai, I love the way you wrote