Saturday, February 07, 2009

A cute pan

My wife has got a cute little pan. For some reason, I just find it cute. (click on the photo to see a bigger resolution picture)



For all my life, I have seen saucepans as the usual big ones as below, but recently she got a tiny one. You cant really cook more than 1 egg in it, but given the fact that both girls at home are petite and tiny and Kannu is still small, usually 1 egg is all that is required for breakfast for each of them. More energy saving, eh? she is an energy saving fiend, if you ask me.


Ok, so I have silly ideas, but I just found it looking very cute. Also, check out the multi-coloured cooking spoons in the back, that’s a Christmas present from the kids to Joey. Sweet, isn't it? but that pink spoon is a bit eye-stabbing. But the pan remains cute :)

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