Wednesday, August 31, 2016

April 2014: The amazingly exquisite Benin Bronzes

I finally managed to see the Benin Bronzes which are in the British Museum. These are truly magnificent, you cannot really believe the quality and artisanship which you see here, dating back from the 12th century onwards, these are truly brilliant. Each of these bronzes have a story to tell (which I dont know about nor the explanatory plaques say so). Just look at them, they are simply amazing.

 photo IMG_5209_zpslggjcjcn.jpg

 photo IMG_5213_zpsmefeqbs1.jpg  photo IMG_5215_zpsjzvin6rw.jpg  photo IMG_5219_zps6pjcq0ya.jpg  photo IMG_5222_zpspaoeddr5.jpg  photo IMG_5225_zpsh237znru.jpg  photo IMG_5228_zps0skxy8oj.jpg  photo IMG_5230_zps86lhsvpa.jpg  photo IMG_5234_zpsp03m4ygj.jpg  photo IMG_5237_zpsagckkzi6.jpg  photo IMG_5240_zps3jtj2bzo.jpg  photo IMG_5243_zpsdjeuzup2.jpg  photo IMG_5245_zpsflnbkkum.jpg  photo IMG_5249_zpsplskx2px.jpg  photo IMG_5252_zpsarqbwonn.jpg  photo IMG_5258_zpspmopyifn.jpg  photo IMG_5261_zpskag4ea9k.jpg  photo IMG_5265_zpsm8mf0voh.jpg  photo IMG_5266_zpsbovlzicd.jpg

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