Thursday, September 01, 2016

April 2014: Visiting my queen of the night again

This is my goddess. I love her. She may be Ishtar or even her sister, Ereshkigal who ruled the underworld. Ishtar is the goddess of secual love and war.

look at her face, there's a goddess face. Made between 1792-1750BC in Babylonia during the reign of the Babylonian King Hammurabi.

I go there once an year and gaze at her adoringly. She is just beautiful. She speaks to me. She is alive because she has one worshipper at least. As long as even one worshipper exists, she will exist. I actually prefer her unpainted rather than the painted representation at the bottom. Look at her and worship her.

 photo IMG_5282_zpstexd9hi9.jpg

 photo IMG_5284_zpsj8tnemob.jpg  photo IMG_5288_zpspviym78g.jpg  photo IMG_5291_zpsdvqlbetr.jpg  photo IMG_5294_zpsslbsc8jo.jpg  photo IMG_5297_zpsdloedjji.jpg  photo IMG_5300_zpsgspuh0ki.jpg  photo IMG_5303_zps6dfifoso.jpg  photo IMG_5305_zpsvxahkmoh.jpg

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