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April 2016: SG: Walk to Fort Canning

So I went to Singapore in April 2014 for work, and then had few hours to spare so decided to go for a walk. I was staying at the Fullerton Hotel which is slam bang in front of the office.

 photo IMG_5654_zpstprt6ha9.jpg

Typical, the camera lens fogs up as you come out of air conditioned heaven into humid hell :)

 photo IMG_5656_zps4opxwar9.jpg

wipe lens, take photo of lovely sculpture of kids jumping off the wall into the Singapore River

 photo IMG_5660_zps7bxouxgn.jpg

And the lens fogs up again
there's the office building

 photo IMG_5662_zps1talisbs.jpg

another wipe and another photo

 photo IMG_5665_zpskkqtboir.jpg

and it fogs up again.

 photo IMG_5668_zpsblgkqcf3.jpg

this is one of the cutest bridges I have seen, this is the Cavanagh Bridge

 photo IMG_5671_zpshg2ehiyr.jpg

Another lovely sculpture of an Englishman and a group of Chinese merchants with a coolie loading on a bullock cart.

 photo IMG_5674_zpscdpyfzl3.jpg

yeah, you have been warned

 photo IMG_5677_zpsjkpnjn2i.jpg

nice fish

 photo IMG_5686_zps0io4ipyf.jpg

looking back at the Fullerton Hotel

 photo IMG_5689_zpseayjmdcs.jpg

another view of the sculpture

 photo IMG_5693_zpsp67nuygw.jpg

and the kids

 photo IMG_5695_zpsrnxbvdnw.jpg

I am now on the bridge

 photo IMG_5699_zpse3czljxd.jpg

its truly such a cute little bridge

 photo IMG_5701_zpswjduebu4.jpg

the Fullerton Hotel, which used to be the post office earlier

 photo IMG_5708_zpshjinpubo.jpg

more information on Major General Cavenagh..

 photo IMG_5723_zpsjjqfck1i.jpg

Ah! the man who defeated a superpower?

 photo IMG_5725_zpstxf6pvtq.jpg

now there's a tall building..

 photo IMG_5728_zpsrss2mzuy.jpg

And now this is Deng Xiaoping...

 photo IMG_5731_zpsgc6sxg00.jpg

The Asian Civilisations Museum...I will come back to this in a subsequent blog post

 photo IMG_5734_zps6f3xjhpg.jpg

Jawarhalal Nehru...of India

 photo IMG_5738_zpsav0uaqtl.jpg

His silhouette against the skies.

 photo IMG_5743_zpsjnhtidlo.jpg

George of the great places to have sea food.

 photo IMG_5747_zpsm05z1y1n.jpg

 photo IMG_5749_zpsts2guz4o.jpg

 photo IMG_5753_zpsqidje9ff.jpg

 photo IMG_5756_zpsyljoetii.jpg

 photo IMG_5758_zpsgnf7ypxb.jpg

 photo IMG_5762_zpsbp3dq5lk.jpg

 photo IMG_5765_zpsqofe9cba.jpg

 photo IMG_5768_zpsfidhritk.jpg

Another sculpture, and this talks about Chettiars from India

 photo IMG_5770_zps8u5hqhti.jpg

the tree is beautiful

 photo IMG_5776_zpsxgl08adz.jpg

I am sure this means something to somebody but Hard Standing?

 photo IMG_5780_zpsgtgiumez.jpg

 photo IMG_5783_zps3yqfiavs.jpg

 photo IMG_5785_zpsgwg0z3jr.jpg

 photo IMG_5789_zps4s916fxe.jpg

 photo IMG_5792_zpssdayryid.jpg

This is the Raffles Landing site...mixed emotions seeing this..

 photo IMG_5798_zpselziilci.jpg

these are the boats which take you around on a harbour tour...and despite visiting Singapore so many times, I have never actually been on one, lol

 photo IMG_5801_zpsdy55gx9b.jpg

 photo IMG_5804_zps7sq8hsmx.jpg

 photo IMG_5808_zpsmohidf4t.jpg

Rows...on the dock

 photo IMG_5813_zpsotnpmfsq.jpg

Another lovely old bridge...Elgin Bridge. Why? oh why are new bridges so boring?

 photo IMG_5818_zpsoklwgtgm.jpg

I am presuming this is the Singapore Emblem?

 photo IMG_5822_zpsaoywxksn.jpg

I call it the egg case building

 photo IMG_5828_zpsv3y1aidf.jpg

The Coleman Bridge

 photo IMG_5830_zpssxp0g5ls.jpg

 photo IMG_5834_zpsq53dizft.jpg

 photo IMG_5838_zpsopm0qt0p.jpg

 photo IMG_5840_zpshcr25wau.jpg

 photo IMG_5842_zpsz0q1dibi.jpg

I love this lovely building with multiple colours...looks like a child's playground

 photo IMG_5846_zps0tcnt1yk.jpg

Ah rats, this museum I wasnt able to go time perhaps.

 photo IMG_5850_zpswh6u1e4h.jpg

empty roads

 photo IMG_5852_zpsoi2as3ax.jpg

and i reach Fort Canning

 photo IMG_5855_zps5jfuqjfn.jpg

 photo IMG_5858_zpsn9zx0rzj.jpg

 photo IMG_5861_zpslqe5dlsw.jpg

 photo IMG_5864_zpsdkyiwjar.jpg

 photo IMG_5867_zpsv8cpg1ff.jpg

 photo IMG_5870_zpsu9jyzre8.jpg

 photo IMG_5873_zps5y5d0kuv.jpg

 photo IMG_5876_zpsetyhnzan.jpg

 photo IMG_5879_zpsnjjqgfok.jpg

 photo IMG_5882_zpslhus3vme.jpg

 photo IMG_5885_zpsgnu0kczl.jpg

 photo IMG_5888_zps7sinlfik.jpg

 photo IMG_5891_zpsbjwo5prq.jpg

 photo IMG_5894_zpsi1fs5qhr.jpg

 photo IMG_5898_zpsteqacvod.jpg

 photo IMG_5900_zpsinf4dsn2.jpg

 photo IMG_5906_zps9va4pyxx.jpg

 photo IMG_5909_zpsxm9ds01l.jpg

these were brilliant sculptures. Really, whoever did this should be given a medal. Really beautiful and not many people know about them either.

 photo IMG_5915_zps5ickgwzx.jpg

lovely flowers...sinuous...

 photo IMG_5918_zpsgjprhpg0.jpg

water in the fountain and in bottles.

 photo IMG_5921_zpsywav5p2u.jpg

a mast? :) sea scouts I think

 photo IMG_5924_zps3rtv1kof.jpg

and then these glorious flowers
 photo IMG_5932_zpspbs5ro9l.jpg

 photo IMG_5936_zpsk5mdyhkl.jpg

Raffles built this house...really nice one

 photo IMG_5956_zpsfclpcrx7.jpg photo IMG_5951_zpsjphmt8pw.jpg

and here comes the mystery...where are the famous Singapore Guns, eh? no sign of them and nobody knows.

 photo IMG_5960_zpscdxb4jos.jpg

 photo IMG_5962_zpsmiung6rj.jpg

its just lovely to see these beautiful trees with these parasite ferns on them

 photo IMG_5971_zpswovinjuh.jpg photo IMG_5987_zpsbefa2hrr.jpg

more sculptures
 photo IMG_5996_zpsm5v6qnzv.jpg

can I do like tarzan? please? pretty please?

 photo IMG_6008_zpsnhtjbzwh.jpg

jeez, ok ok, I get it, you dont have to shoot me. There is a water reservoir behind the fence...given how paranoid Singaporeans are about their national security in the broadest sense, not surprising that they will shoot you if you faff around with their water.

 photo IMG_6044_zps1rvgn3at.jpg

 photo IMG_6047_zpsyqlodldh.jpg

 photo IMG_6056_zpsndczagl1.jpg

 photo IMG_6059_zpses0nhpre.jpg

 photo IMG_6062_zpsaplly5yt.jpg

 photo IMG_6065_zpsw8yfrza9.jpg

 photo IMG_6067_zpssrvtnyrz.jpg

 photo IMG_6072_zpsywdsuipd.jpg

 photo IMG_6074_zps1rer7nrl.jpg

the tomb of Keramat Iskandar Syah...very peaceful. the last king of Singapura...he was a Hindu before he converted...very vague if you ask me..

 photo IMG_6082_zpsz5oskezl.jpg

very nice

 photo IMG_6089_zpsj5hyn264.jpg

only in singapore can you find a robotic cow :)

 photo IMG_6091_zpssgpr5mdr.jpg

the trees are just awesome here

 photo IMG_6098_zpspfi6xhmg.jpg

the Fort Canning Command Centre, useless tits...specially during the World War 2

 photo IMG_6101_zpsrge6qvm2.jpg

 photo IMG_6103_zpsp8rqbakp.jpg

 photo IMG_6107_zpsymshce9d.jpg

 photo IMG_6109_zpsqnenrdhf.jpg

 photo IMG_6112_zpsahvyaywm.jpg

Sally ports

 photo IMG_6115_zpst5g9rq9m.jpg

 photo IMG_6119_zpstnptphsz.jpg

 photo IMG_6121_zpsthrraayo.jpg

these were the most amazing flowers that I saw, beautiful but the aroma left something to be desired.

 photo IMG_6131_zpsjycfsk2k.jpg

 photo IMG_6133_zpspkricdcy.jpg

 photo IMG_6134_zpskdwxysvv.jpg

lovely lovely trees and flowers, eh?

 photo IMG_6137_zpsrjlouyrj.jpg

a cute little church

 photo IMG_6139_zpsh25u1yjv.jpg
 photo IMG_6148_zps3lmpxrrd.jpg
another cherry sculpture in front of the National Museum, I will return to this anon

 photo IMG_6158_zpsztaiep77.jpg

 photo IMG_6160_zpsrmphuqek.jpg

 photo IMG_6164_zps18xyxfxa.jpg

 photo IMG_6167_zpslgdglm4n.jpg

 photo IMG_6170_zpsrk6mhlub.jpg

 photo IMG_6172_zpsybbuoxhn.jpg

 photo IMG_6176_zpsqztimefq.jpg

 photo IMG_6179_zpsjc3iq4zf.jpg

 photo IMG_6181_zpsmcvtqvsy.jpg

 photo IMG_6191_zpsydebng89.jpg

 photo IMG_6193_zpsdnv5ect7.jpg

 photo IMG_6196_zpsypnjexsz.jpg

 photo IMG_6198_zpszmpav8hx.jpg

 photo IMG_6199_zpsr9nvj7mb.jpg

 photo IMG_6203_zpsk7x5vkau.jpg

 photo IMG_6206_zpsxbo9udbg.jpg

 photo IMG_6209_zpsnq67ciuu.jpg

 photo IMG_6211_zpsilqju0ry.jpg

 photo IMG_6215_zpsfws8anls.jpg

a lovely lovely building with traditional Chinese architecture..

I just love Singapore, I tell you...more coming up soon.

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