Friday, September 02, 2016

April 2014: The Cuneiform Tablets in the British Museum - perhaps the best tablets in the world

I love clay tablets, even though I cannot read them, its a very difficult language to read as I understand, but that still doesnt stop me from visiting the Museum and fogging up the glass while peering at the tablets hard. Hoping they will divulge their hidden message to me.

 photo IMG_5309_zpsuwyl2mtb.jpg

this is a legal document relating to silver dating back to 572 BC

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this is perhaps the most famous tablets which describes how the gods sent a flood to destroy the world, Utnapishtim was given word before the flood and hence he built an ark to preserve living beings. So the Bible copied this myth. This is quite common, the Jews copied from the previous Assyrian and Babylonian myths, the Christians copied from them and Islam did it further. So basically different versions of the same

 photo IMG_5326_zpsithfqjcv.jpg  photo IMG_5329_zpsmtvjecnw.jpg

this is the epic of the world was created.

 photo IMG_5333_zps0fokmuvm.jpg  photo IMG_5339_zpswkrtbtse.jpg photo IMG_5348_zpsmjoaw4qd.jpg  photo IMG_5354_zpskt9lonkt.jpg

And then the world famous Cyrus Cylinder, dating back to the 6th century BCE, it praises Cyrus, talks about him and how he became the ruler and the ruling god, Marduk, and and and. This cylinder also provides evidence that Cyrus allowed the captured Jews to go back to Jerusalem after their Babylonian Captivity.

When you stand in front of this cylinder and watch this golden cylinder and peer closely at the cuneiform markings, you think of the sheer weight of history which has been captured on the surface.

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