Sunday, September 04, 2016

April 2014: Statues at the British Museum

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Here's old man WIlliam Shakespeare

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King Charles 1

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Here's the man himself, Oliver Cromwell, who caused King Charles 1 to lose his head.

 photo IMG_5428_zpssr88i3m2.jpg  photo IMG_5432_zpsgg7nuspe.jpg  photo IMG_5434_zpsxetdwvuc.jpg  photo IMG_5437_zpsdblsuepa.jpg  photo IMG_5441_zpsfrwxsddz.jpg  photo IMG_5444_zpsj0xjjqze.jpg  photo IMG_5447_zpskzy1q0yr.jpg  photo IMG_5450_zpscr9x6kpl.jpg  photo IMG_5453_zpsxz26di79.jpg  photo IMG_5456_zps9q9wspib.jpg  photo IMG_5459_zpsamimxqr8.jpg  photo IMG_5462_zpslsmuxlk0.jpg

this is Anne Seymour Damer, a lady sculpturess, carved by her guru, Giuseppe Ceracchi. She is holding an allegory of Sculpture in her hands and you can just make out the tools of a sculptor at her feet. Quite a nice statue.

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