Tuesday, September 06, 2016

April 2014: A wonderfully intricate wooden carving of the life of Jesus Christ at the British Museum and another wooden sculpture

Its Flemish, carved in 1515 and is an altar piece.

Dont do anything but just watch it, look at each of the photographs and see the amazing workmanship. they would have used pins to carve this amazing piece out.

 photo IMG_5540_zpsgjrd4scz.jpg

 photo IMG_5542_zpsusnsc4sa.jpg

 photo IMG_5546_zpssqu2ffvv.jpg

 photo IMG_5549_zpssx16ajjq.jpg

 photo IMG_5551_zpskoqlzn0v.jpg

 photo IMG_5555_zps1swfsf9e.jpg

 photo IMG_5558_zpsapfpulb5.jpg

 photo IMG_5561_zpsnmkitifn.jpg

 photo IMG_5564_zpsrzlcuydp.jpg

Can you see the last supper? there's plates with food, the expressions of the apostles are amazing.

And then this is Herculus and Antaeus, German, mid 17th century. Just look at the face and rictus.

 photo IMG_5570_zpso2zmjz46.jpg  photo IMG_5573_zpsfje6w6wu.jpg  photo IMG_5576_zpsu5b9vycq.jpg  photo IMG_5578_zpsoyqeu4o7.jpg  photo IMG_5582_zps5w6fv9qk.jpg

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