Monday, September 05, 2016

April 2014: Normal people put plastic or brown paper on their books as covers, and then some do this to their books

So normal people put plastic covers on their books, or brown paper or put in cardboard covers. If very rich, they go and do it with leather.

And then you have the Kfrafft family of Ulm for Munster Cathedral in 1506 to hold the gospels and the Epistles from the Bibles. This is in the British Museum.


 photo IMG_5471_zpsmr3ks21q.jpg  photo IMG_5474_zps1jxhbv2z.jpg  photo IMG_5477_zpszgp3vkag.jpg  photo IMG_5480_zpspeppqa6r.jpg  photo IMG_5483_zpspg6rkdgg.jpg  photo IMG_5486_zpscfhsg8xs.jpg  photo IMG_5489_zpsw1sajyra.jpg  photo IMG_5492_zpsbqr2ceyp.jpg  photo IMG_5494_zps1jdyk6hv.jpg  photo IMG_5498_zpsmxxqcwdn.jpg  photo IMG_5501_zpsmfzjaghg.jpg  photo IMG_5504_zpsyopseinx.jpg  photo IMG_5507_zpsl8egrwbf.jpg  photo IMG_5510_zpsasdkqeq4.jpg  photo IMG_5513_zpsaexfwrbq.jpg  photo IMG_5516_zps3ayvdflq.jpg  photo IMG_5519_zpsrjmopusp.jpg  photo IMG_5522_zpsy2khhund.jpg  photo IMG_5525_zpsh4xfyspo.jpg  photo IMG_5528_zpsshvrovmw.jpg  photo IMG_5531_zpscahssev7.jpg  photo IMG_5534_zpskwd0ll7n.jpg

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