Wednesday, September 07, 2016

April 2016: When the thorn from Christ's crown of thorns was in front of me at the British Museum

This is the Holy Thorn Reliquary of Jean, Duc de Berri, third son of Charles V of France, in 1390's.

You can look at the link to get more descriptions of this most amazing piece of Goldsmith's art, but I was focussed on the thorn. Is the thorn, which is protected by a pane of rock crystal, really 2000 years old? is this the thorn which adorned Jesus's head? I didnt talk to me, I am afraid, I didnt feel anything but then should I have? I am guessing yes, i should have, this has been the object of veneration for so many centuries and is one of the holiest objects in the world. But nothing? no feeling? at all? I was disappointed.

 photo IMG_5588_zpsqkx99a4o.jpg

 photo IMG_5594_zpszoszhr6n.jpg  photo IMG_5597_zpsd0psxphk.jpg  photo IMG_5600_zpscqpsc547.jpg  photo IMG_5603_zpspax194vx.jpg  photo IMG_5606_zpshwqcfvem.jpg  photo IMG_5609_zpsxilcoedr.jpg  photo IMG_5611_zps1cmyqbil.jpg  photo IMG_5615_zpsfktoelcu.jpg  photo IMG_5618_zpslecb9cxv.jpg  photo IMG_5621_zpsrz0g1iom.jpg

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