Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jamies: A review

We had some office guests over from all over the world, so decided to take them to have a bite to eat at the nearest restaurant to the office. Here’s my review on UrbanSpoon:

"Avoid. Wine good, ambience good. Starter was good, interesting way to serve it, on a plank resting on two cans. A tad pretentious. But the main meal was eminently forgetable. Ordered a 10 ounce rib eye. Asked for medium rare and got medium-well done. Asked ...for chips and beans to go with it and both were horrible. Well, ok not horrible but at 2.50 I expect a decent amount of chips and beans. That's like a bloody kids meal. And the dessert was not good, tiramasu was too clayey and heavy, the chocolate cake was stogy. But do go there and check out the flush in the men's room. It's a veritable antique made by the firm called as T Crapper. Yes, that's where the word crapper came from. And on the way, look at the miserable Lugubrious looking pig roasting on the spit. Overpriced, pretentious restaurant with average food."



there’s the steak


and here’s the whole roasting pig


Crapper's Valveless Waste Preventer


And the crapper :) Here’s the original:

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