Monday, November 16, 2009

My first shot at Huevos Ranchero

You know I bought few books yesterday and decided to inaugurate the first one today. Its a book about simple recipes.


Its the big red book in the middle.

Anyway, this is what my eldest cost centre decided for breakfast and little princess said that she will manage the process and tell me what to do. As usual. Photobucket

So anyway, this is what we were cooking. Huevos Rancheros. I didn't have half of the things. I didn't have good tomatoes. Didn't have feta cheese, no beans, no tortillas, no pepper, no red chillies, no proper garlic cloves but what the hell. So we went forward and cooked it. Please bear in mind that the above is still cooking, its not fully cooked yet.


And this is what it turned out to be. Marvel of marvels, my eldest actually asked for another helping. Piled on some Tabasco and we were off with some bread. It was good. But I think i have to cook it a bit more, the eggs remained a bit runny. And the 3 fusspots at home dont like runny eggs.

Next time!…..

And now I have to think about dinner, eldest cost centre wants to have a rack of lamb.

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Jitesh said...

now this is looking really yummy...and it's time for dinner too..let me find this up on internet and see what can I do here...