Saturday, February 27, 2010

Photo Essay: London on a rainy day, buildings and sights

One of the reasons why Brits have a stiff upper lip is the near constant rain and wind. And with my upper philtum suitably stiff, I went off taking some photographs of buildings and some sights in the City. The small resolution photographs don't do justice to the big tall buildings, so if you wish, please click on the photograph to go to a larger resolution. Nothing much to comment on the photographs themselves, hopefully they will stand on their own, but I will still comment away.

This was a tall glass canyon with clouds on top and wet pavements and roads on the bottom, all reflecting each other.

This is the Barbican, a dirty grey monstrosity in the middle of the city.

A multi layered glass building.

Some workers wearing yellow working behind yellow fences.

It almost looked like an animal with a wide open red mouth peeking out from a cage.

Now, what’s the big deal in putting in a chain and lock on a glass door? If I wanted to get in, a quick smash would have worked just as well.

It's like a Lego brick building. See the full resolution to see the impact.
Funny notice. “Window will fall outwards when fire alarm sounds”, well,I hope I am not going to be standing outside when the fire alarm goes off then.

Here’s a building which looks as if somebody has made it using building blocks. Very curious perspectives. The architecture of London is amazing, every turn brings you fascinating shapes, sizes, perspectives and shades.

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