Monday, February 15, 2010

Photo: A Scooter

I bought this desk ornament for Sangeeta for Christmas couple of years ago. I used to have one of these, Baba had one of these so its a sort of a family remembrance. Very cute.


Unknown said...

Shonabhai - our Chhutkaku was quite an expert on scooters - I learnt to ride one on his old Lambretta - later I used to ride my friend Prabha's Vespa myself. I also once dropped Butu (or was she Bulun, Tipoo's mom) Mashi to BHEL colony on a scooter - probably it was babaji's scooter.
Many thanks for posting this - I have special memories of scooters.

Kunal said...

Great photo! Did you use a special lighting arrangement for this photo?

Bhaskar Dasgupta said...

yes, didi, scooters have a long history with us :) Baba also had a vespa..

Kunal, no, nothing special, just an ordinary lamp..