Sunday, March 21, 2010

Photos: Diya Froggie Ballet Show

Diya went to take part in a talent Competition today. This is supposed to be the Nutcracker, but I have never seen this before, but never you mind. So the idea is to go to this competition arranged by this radio station. This, besides doing the radio bit, also streams live on the internet. Sods law, when it came to Diya’s session, it failed. Anyway, here is the full slide show

Getting dressed by mamma.

After struggling with her very thick silky hair, Mamma finally managed to get her hair into a bun.

She was so excited, always moving around.

With the hood up and final touches to the costume.

There, we are all ready.

With another frog, wondering what on earth that painting is. Or was she praying to it? You can see two rabbits in the background.

Measuring the height.


That’s the announcer on the mic. You have a pink pig, a brown fox, a grey squirrel and a white rabbit. 

More fun.

Called for makeup

Sitting there patiently while the makeup is being put on.

Final makeup touches.


Hmmm, crap makeup, even I could have done a better job.

Waiting for their chance with a flock of chattering anxious parents

This is the setup with the camera, internet connection, etc. etc.

The lead, a Duck, with the squirrels.

All lined up ready to go.



On tippy toes ready to start

And it has started.

The final pose

And we are done! finished. getting congratulated by the parents.

Extremely direct and dehydrated after that huge effort, drinking some fanta. We didn't get a chance to remove the makeup.

Ooooo, that was needed.

And Mamma got me a big big wodge of chocolate fudge cake which i gobbled up.

The videos.

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