Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jan 2013: Snowy faces and shapes

 photo 25-IMG_7266_zps4275b3b6.jpg 

It was a snow day in January 2013.

 photo 26-IMG_7270_zps0cfa53c2.jpg 

I decided to pop out to throw the garbage out and decided to go barefoot. BAD MISTAKE

 photo 27-IMG_7272_zpsbfa6db08.jpg 

Snow on the lens

 photo 28-IMG_7281_zps9b665b62.jpg 

Awwww, a snowy heart

 photo 11-IMG_3264_zpseb9a5bbd.jpg

 photo 01-IMG_3234_zps73f95f15.jpg  photo 02-IMG_3237_zps66b70cd0.jpg photo 03-IMG_3240_zps7c89df94.jpg

A house topped with snow?

 photo 04-IMG_3243_zps51cd6dd9.jpg

Lilies starting to come up

 photo 05-IMG_3246_zps07c6ae85.jpg

A gnome with a blanket of snow

 photo 06-IMG_3249_zps6f6a74ad.jpg  photo 07-IMG_3252_zpscaa0a4bf.jpg photo 09-IMG_3258_zpsf348e837.jpg photo 10-IMG_3261_zpsd337938c.jpg


 photo 12-IMG_3267_zps9596612a.jpg 

Does this look like a face? I think it does

 photo 13-IMG_3270_zps17e04a52.jpg  photo 15-IMG_3276_zpsd8fab861.jpg

Definitely looks like a face

 photo 14-IMG_3273_zpsd98482c8.jpg

Even the bells are cold

 photo 16-IMG_3279_zps67e61d07.jpg

The birds are cold

 photo 17-IMG_3282_zpscd0153a2.jpg

Snow nestled in the leaves

 photo 18-IMG_3285_zps8df5ad26.jpg

Piles of snow

 photo 19-IMG_3288_zps4b505b50.jpg

I wouldnt sit there

 photo 20-IMG_3291_zps5367923b.jpg

rows of snow

 photo 29-IMG_7296_zps74742613.jpg 


 photo 30-IMG_7309_zpsb4b4c05b.jpg 


 photo 31-IMG_7311_zps94874c20.jpg 

Snow patterns on the front courtyard

 photo 32-IMG_7321_zps5f442c80.jpg 

Cold beer anybody?

 photo 33-IMG_7323_zps15df4650.jpg  photo 35-IMG_7327_zpsd8f24815.jpg photo 37-IMG_7332_zps965d94f1.jpg

We went out in the snow :)







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