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Jan 2013: Walking through Waterlow Park

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It was a cold bright day, the first day of this year

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the sun was shining brightly

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Reached there and saw this lovely if a rather forbidding church

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looks a bit like a castle

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nice structures I suppose

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but the gray bricks and stone cladding…hmmm

 photo 08-IMG_0207_zps8d854e43.jpg 

St. Joseph

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The copper sheathing…

 photo 10-IMG_0212_zpsc2d1eb39.jpg

So this is the church of St. Joseph

 photo 11-IMG_0215_zpseabd0318.jpg

The entrance has some lovely sculptures on both sides of the door and on top

 photo 12-IMG_0219_zps43463d84.jpg 

A bit lopsided.

 photo 13-IMG_0222_zps59d7f241.jpg 

But does look imposing.

 photo 14-IMG_0225_zpse3745c6b.jpg

Another church in the distance

 photo 15-IMG_0228_zps96d9f183.jpg 

Another statue on the wall of the Virgin and the Baby

 photo 16-IMG_0230_zps99b5efe1.jpg


 photo 17-IMG_0234_zps0abfe61a.jpg

these look so interesting..

 photo 18-IMG_0236_zpscbffe8ab.jpg

so I enter into the park

 photo 19-IMG_0240_zps3a082605.jpg

its a lovely place

 photo 20-IMG_0243_zps055d54d3.jpg

with ducks on the pond, and its new years day! cold as heck

 photo 21-IMG_0246_zps135c4621.jpg

a tiny stream…

 photo 22-IMG_0249_zps67ff362b.jpg

we specialise in this no?

 photo 23-IMG_0251_zps70a7bd29.jpg

the red leaves look almost like fishes

 photo 25-IMG_0255_zpsd23d0824.jpg

Koi Carp?

 photo 27-IMG_0263_zpsc17e5dfb.jpg

its almost like a Japanese garden…

I have been looking for a stone which symbolises my garden for a long time now. something like this one.

 photo 29-IMG_0270_zps956f11e3.jpg photo 30-IMG_0272_zpse8d24501.jpg photo 32-IMG_0278_zps283d6c6d.jpg photo 33-IMG_0285_zpsaee9b897.jpg photo 31-IMG_0275_zpsaf0214c7.jpg

I just love how the trees are framed against the skies

 photo 34-IMG_0291_zps893fa91c.jpg

that’s how this little park looks

the park has been formed out of the combined grounds of 5 erstwhile houses, and then these 29 acres were donated to the council in 1889.

during the war, this was converted into allotments as part of the Dig for Victory campaign

 photo 36-IMG_0297_zps672e6537.jpg

lovely gates

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