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Jan 2013: Where I met the Jews - again

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so I decided to go off to see the Jewish Museum. London is full of these little museums, more than 300 of them and its amazing.

So on the way over, saw this pub called as spread eagle needing some drain work. Hmmm

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Hmmmm, people love this street or street sign anyway

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Fair point

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Anyway, I pop into the museum, its a fairly new one

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Gosh, the cafe is brilliant.  

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And the first thing I see is this Mikveh. A ritual Bath. Dating back to the mid 13th Century. Married women would use this after their periods and the birth of a child, men may use it before Sabbath & festivals. Can also be used in preparation for marriage and conversions.

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there was some strong security in here, and not surprised, after the threats this place has received from the assorted fundos. 

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The amazing part is the sheer intellectual strength that one see’s in this community and the trade unionism is one big amazing step which the British Jewery were involved in

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Some lovely paintings which talks about the history of the Jews.

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This arch of Titus which Ive seen in sunny old Rome is amazing. And you have to read up on Simon Montefiore’s book on Jerusalem. And his BBC series on this. I will be doing a course on Jerusalem next year on coursera, fun times. The menorah which was shown on the Arch has now attained iconic status for the Jews.

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As it says

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That’s a goblet made of a coconut shell and decorated

 photo 029-IMG_1226_zpsdfe24bab.jpg 

stuff that’s used in daily life

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I love this religion :)

 photo 031-IMG_1232_zps21e0bcb7.jpg  photo 032-IMG_1235_zps933e8084.jpg photo 034-IMG_1241_zps454c40b7.jpg photo 033-IMG_1238_zps926521ce.jpg

Ouch, this is one thing which does my head in

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  photo 042-IMG_1268_zpsc863b56f.jpg photo 038-IMG_1256_zpsa301441d.jpg

And I would love to toot that horn

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A traditional setup for a formal dinner

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A silver crown. Hmmm, who wears this? 

 photo 047-IMG_1283_zps529420de.jpg  photo 049-IMG_1289_zps4846ae4d.jpg photo 050-IMG_1292_zps31eaa85a.jpg photo 052-IMG_1298_zps101d84ae.jpg photo 051-IMG_1295_zps92c44363.jpg

Some of the silver on display is absolutely amazing, the workmanship is extraordinary.

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then we move into the Synagogue.

 photo 058-IMG_1316_zpsfa1d1416.jpg  photo 069-IMG_1349_zps4c23059f.jpg  photo 059-IMG_1319_zps2f6e547e.jpg photo 070-IMG_1351_zps24ffb731.jpg

Where an ark was kept

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Procession of the Law, a painting from 1845, the torah is paraded around the synagogue with singing and dancing. I mean, can this ever get better? What a great religion :)

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Hello? you can get dressed up :) So I did

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Fetching, eh?

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A cutaway section of how a synagogue looks like. Why are the wimmin segregated? Not good

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Decorating the torah

 photo 078-IMG_1376_zps179e5d49.jpg photo 081-IMG_1397_zps45868f52.jpg photo 083-IMG_1403_zps32355d5e.jpg photo 079-IMG_1388_zps1e978388.jpg photo 084-IMG_1406_zps0f730473.jpg

Hanukah Lamps

 photo 085-IMG_1409_zps54214243.jpg  photo 087-IMG_1415_zps2ffb1db6.jpg

Purim Festival

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Somebody actually wrote the scroll of Esther on a back of a postcard!

 photo 090-IMG_1424_zps200fbb23.jpg

An oak panel with a scene from the Book of Esther from Germany/Netherlands from the 16th Cenury showing Esther exposing Haman’s treachery at a banquet.  

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This story is read during this festival. Curious, this tale is shown on scrolls which will only have one roller on the left, unlike other scrolls which will have two.



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Then we come to Passover

 photo 097-IMG_1445_zps816be634.jpg

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this is an extraordinary way of measuring offerings. The names are mentioned on the left and the length of the thread measures the amount of the gift.



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A brave lady, Nina Salaman.  

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The Jews in the UK have come from all over the world.

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When those Nazi’s started terrorising Jews (and others), people started to try to escape Germany. Kindertransport was a scheme that was established to take in almost 10000 children from Nazi Germany and were placed with foster parents. Most cases, they were the only survivors of their families. There’s a beautiful sculpture in Liverpool Street Station commemorating this.

 photo 108-IMG_1477_zpsd57c0e26.jpg  photo 109-IMG_1481_zps96e44683.jpg photo 110-IMG_1484_zps06a63610.jpg photo 111-IMG_1486_zpsa6e5d0b9.jpg photo 112-IMG_1489_zps585b33e8.jpg

Some fascinating snippets…so the document which produces the fore-runner of the modern liberal democratic system also had this piece in there.

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1066 was important

 photo 113-IMG_1492_zps296fd690.jpg

Pogroms happened in the UK way back then..

 photo 114-IMG_1495_zps467c3587.jpg


 photo 115-IMG_1499_zps75bfd357.jpg

Blood Libel

 photo 116-IMG_1502_zpsaf5a3b97.jpg

The Jews were welcomed (somewhat..) in the uk photo 118-IMG_1507_zpsf33b5f7f.jpg


 photo 119-IMG_1510_zpsab285225.jpg

More restrictions

 photo 120-IMG_1513_zps714de96d.jpg

Not good

 photo 121-IMG_1516_zps4f27717b.jpg

And then the bloody Brits get into the game photo 123-IMG_1522_zpsba5bb702.jpg

And more..

 photo 128-IMG_1537_zpsdc026384.jpg

And then the fortunes change, here’s a bust of Disraeli. A man who was born Jewish but then his father left Judaism. Another trait of the Jews which I love, they love to argue, lol

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More amazing history of Jews in the UK

 photo 130-IMG_1543_zpsfcabb5ce.jpg 

Baron Rothschild MP who got this when he was finally allowed to take his seat in the House of Commons. And the first Jew to be raised to the Peerage.

 photo 132-IMG_1550_zpsaa6d1753.jpg photo 133-IMG_1553_zps508ecdc4.jpg photo 134-IMG_1556_zpseb8e9af1.jpg

the fight for equal rights.

 photo 140-IMG_1573_zps92b490aa.jpg

And then what the normal Jew got up to

 photo 141-IMG_1576_zpse1447673.jpg


 photo 142-IMG_1580_zpscbc1c692.jpg

and instruments

 photo 143-IMG_1584_zps78b56af3.jpg  photo 144-IMG_1585_zps546ab8a3.jpg photo 145-IMG_1589_zps8437fa31.jpg photo 148-IMG_1598_zps81afeab5.jpg photo 149-IMG_1600_zps7a282158.jpg photo 152-IMG_1612_zpsf3c33400.jpg photo 151-IMG_1607_zps5f3e439a.jpg photo 150-IMG_1603_zps641a54d1.jpg

Normal day to day life

 photo 146-IMG_1592_zpsacb23616.jpg  photo 147-IMG_1595_zps12101772.jpg

And they volunteered for King and Country

and then we come to the heart rending bit, the Holocaust

  photo 159-IMG_1633_zpsb45df20a.jpg

cutlery and mug from Auschwitz. Shoes from another camp

 photo 160-IMG_1637_zpsd65c22ee.jpg

A promise to tell the outside world what the Germans did. So that future generations do not repeat the mistake

 photo 161-IMG_1640_zpsf0c8ca70.jpg


 photo 162-IMG_1643_zps0d6e9d34.jpg


 photo 163-IMG_1645_zps5c194e16.jpg

a home made toothbrush at the camps

 photo 164-IMG_1649_zpsbe7fd414.jpg


 photo 165-IMG_1651_zpsde1fe08b.jpg


 photo 166-IMG_1655_zpsc7396b0f.jpg


 photo 167-IMG_1658_zpsc5d74c6b.jpg  photo 170-IMG_1666_zps3920e91a.jpg photo 171-IMG_1669_zpsf7c33035.jpg photo 172-IMG_1673_zps4aafb750.jpg

  photo 173-IMG_1675_zps10d1380d.jpg photo 174-IMG_1678_zps7d1bded9.jpg

 photo 175-IMG_1681_zps5a39d110.jpg photo 177-IMG_1687_zpsb855a945.jpg photo 176-IMG_1684_zpsc69e672f.jpg photo 178-IMG_1691_zps5cba31a7.jpg  photo 180-IMG_1696_zps1e993b5d.jpg 

And the outfit worn by one of the inmates

 photo 184-IMG_1708_zps3726d4b9.jpg

The barbed wire from the camp

 photo 186-IMG_1715_zpse81c4d78.jpg

Did you know the history of bagels? 

 photo 189-IMG_1723_zpsbe44d260.jpg 

A lovely little menorah

 photo 230-IMG_6895_zpsb58b2e0a.jpg 

yes, Sir, minding the head

 photo 203-IMG_1765_zps2815072e.jpg  photo 204-IMG_1768_zps8e4a52a6.jpg

I head down the stairs

 photo 207-IMG_1778_zps3567a377.jpg photo 206-IMG_1775_zps6079abf3.jpg

And have a cuppa tea at the cafe

 photo 210-IMG_1787_zpsc8a9053a.jpg  photo 211-IMG_1789_zps5832a47e.jpg photo 227-IMG_6889_zps1464cab8.jpg photo 228-IMG_6891_zps28820910.jpg

A very cute little museum shop as well

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heh, nice one.

a lovely day out here..

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