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Jan 2013: The invasion of the bodysnatchers

So I went off to see this exhibition of the bodysnatchers. Photography wasn't allowed so I sneaked in some pics using my little iphone. And it was dark, so apologies for the quality of the photographs.

 photo 03-IMG_7027_zpsd2f347d0.jpg

Here’s what Finchley Road looks like on the side, some trees and shrubbery on the side with loads of plastic bags caught up in the branches, looks disgusting.

Anyhow, i reach the museum and get inside.

This is about the bodysnatchers, the people who would steak and snatch bodies from fresh graves and then sell them to the medical schools in the UK for doctors to learn about anatomy..

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Not for the faint hearted…then again I find it surprising why people get upset with the sight of blood or body parts..

 photo 05-IMG_7030-001_zpse9ed15fd.jpg photo 06-IMG_7032_zps9d709d6e.jpg

A skeleton which has been operated upon. I've done one of these..its surprising how much force is required to cut open a skull.

 photo 07-IMG_7034_zps6a1f3791.jpg

Letter dated back to 1778 talking about the difficulty of getting hold of bodies.

 photo 09-IMG_7038-001_zpsad4e7d6d.jpg 

An article in the Lancet talking about the lack of bodies.

 photo 11-IMG_7044-001_zpsb01d93e8.jpg 


 photo 12-IMG_7047-001_zps03ba17eb.jpg photo 13-IMG_7048-001_zpsb85abe4b.jpg 

Such an accurate model of a crucified body. You know what really got me? how the little stomach pouch billows out a bit…

 photo 14-IMG_7050_zpsfbff16eb.jpg 

Notice about an execution of a body snatcher.

 photo 17-IMG_7057-001_zps1bfbe0a8.jpg

A newspaper report.

 photo 19-IMG_7061_zpsa4406348.jpg

An iron coffin, people started to use these iron coffins to stop their bodies from being stolen. And also man traps…

 photo 23-IMG_7068-001_zps1ad021b1.jpg

This is a dissection table. 1750-1870. This was actually used to dissect a body. or bodies. It really felt strange. Watching this table. Almost 300 years back a rotting corpse was laid on this table and a surgeon teacher dissected the body while anxious and concentrating students peered over the surgeon to see the results. How extraordinary

 photo 27-IMG_7076-001_zps4efa0dbc.jpg

A skull which seems to have gone through a bit of a sharp edge

 photo 31-IMG_7084-001_zps58a23cf7.jpg

An etching. The Reward of Cruelty. Tom Nero. This shows Tom Nero being dissected…and note the dog with the intestines..

 photo 33-IMG_7088-001_zps719a601e.jpg 

Advertisements for patented Iron Coffins. Can you imagine? wanting to be buried in an iron coffin? Just because you are terrified that your body will be stolen and dissected. Quite an extraordinary feeling. 

 photo 34-IMG_7090-001_zps66268b23.jpg 

What the hell? This is a specimen of the brain of William Burke. Who killed to get corpses for the medical school. Why the hell would you want to keep this?

 photo 35-IMG_7092_zps4316e894.jpg 

There weren't that many corpses available so guess what? they had to use models

 photo 36-IMG_7094-001_zpse6303c58.jpg

An amputation set, 19th century

 photo 37-IMG_7096_zps4fcac725.jpg

Lecture admission cards, and you had to pay a fee to get in. Simply because corpses were so expensive to get and if you didn't pay a fee, you didn't get in.

 photo 39-IMG_7100-001_zpsa9935b62.jpg 

This is a skeleton of a boy, which was dissected and preserved, from the mid 19th Century. What an extraordinary sight. The boy died due to natural causes and his parents donated his body to the London Hospital. I found it really sad and really emotional.

 photo 40-IMG_7102_zpsb5acaa77.jpg 

the body was injected with a dye and covered with resin. Sighs. What a tragic state.

 photo 43-IMG_7108-001_zpsa0336f0c.jpg

How to amputate..Elements of Surgery, 1840. by Robert Liston.

 photo 45-IMG_7112-001_zpsf991b05b.jpg 

A book on Anatomical Examinations.

 photo 46-IMG_7114-001_zps364cddc3.jpg

More anatomical figures, but this was used to explain anatomy to patients rather than the doctors.

 photo 48-IMG_7118-001_zpsa899ac0e.jpg

More scary stuff.

 photo 51-IMG_7124-001_zps82663357.jpg


 photo 52-IMG_7126_zps01fc79d2.jpg 

Hmmmm, what’s going on?

 photo 55-IMG_7134-001_zps28b34cf7.jpg  photo 56-IMG_7136-001_zps2df718ba.jpg photo 57-IMG_7138-001_zps7fefb9c8.jpg

Fractures getting repaired and bits and bobs.

 photo 58-IMG_7140_zps54767439.jpg 

the display units have these mirrors on top so that you can see properly photo 59-IMG_7142-001_zpsb1f1b025.jpg  photo 60-IMG_7144_zps63a22348.jpg

Some pretty views…of how trepanning happened?

 photo 62-IMG_7148_zps6e467a59.jpg

More evidence that people got something strange in their heads

 photo 63-IMG_7150_zpsd6813696.jpg 

A view of a lecture theatre

 photo 77-IMG_7178-001_zpsc7d39c30.jpg photo 76-IMG_7176_zps71af4b5c.jpg

they did it to a turtle as well!

 photo 78-IMG_7180-001_zpscd1a5a9c.jpg 

And of a dog

 photo 82-IMG_7188_zps87028468.jpg 

This is a lithograph of the Mortal Remains of Jeremy Bentham laid out for public dissection in 1832. He left his body for that purpose. Like our family tradition.

 photo 85-IMG_7195_zps6278dd30.jpg 

A nice note about the Anatomy Act.

 photo 86-IMG_7197_zps0cd45aa1.jpg

A nice little timeline

 photo 89-IMG_7203_zpsf04d1ee8.jpg

A wax model created for the Great Exhibition, 1851..

 photo 91-IMG_7206_zps88d0b603.jpg 

Here’s another body

 photo 92-IMG_7208-001_zps5509e15d.jpg 

And you could write on this mirrored wall

 photo 93-IMG_7210_zpsab7af172.jpg 



Did I tell you that we have a family tradition of donating our bodies to science? I am so proud of my uncle who started the process, now my parents have willed it so and I carry around a donor card. Most excellent….can you imagine some religions are against this? crazy…

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