Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Jan 2013: Black and White

 photo 01-IMG_0026_zps0f85edae.jpg

So sitting on the park bench

 photo 02-IMG_0029_zps2d225353.jpg

And I change the setting to black and white

 photo 03-IMG_0032_zpsc2a1fb89.jpg

More reflections

 photo 04-IMG_0035_zps07585d83.jpg

B&W shows life differently

 photo 05-IMG_0038_zps711d0a65.jpg

Specially when you see the reflections

 photo 06-IMG_0040_zpsd5827837.jpg

And then we have some nice doggies

 photo 07-IMG_0044_zpse79c0abd.jpg

All leaves are gone

 photo 08-IMG_0047_zps30221749.jpg

More doggies

 photo 09-IMG_0050_zps023664a8.jpg

walking past the path

 photo 10-IMG_0053_zps985abd15.jpg

Awww, that’s such a cute little puppy

 photo 11-IMG_0056_zps54a5040c.jpg

And then this fellow

 photo 12-IMG_0059_zpsd2f7a1e1.jpg

Zooming in

 photo 13-IMG_0061_zps0b2b51d6.jpg 

Proud trees

 photo 14-IMG_0065_zps2de75e3a.jpg 

With clouds…

 photo 16-IMG_0071_zps58569676.jpg

I pop down the woodland walk

 photo 18-IMG_0077_zpsf2afbc81.jpg

oooo, mushrooms

 photo 19-IMG_0080_zps84dcfaaa.jpg


 photo 20-IMG_0083_zpsb7bc51b2.jpg


 photo 21-IMG_0086_zps93c9a76e.jpg

they look so great

 photo 22-IMG_0089_zpsee9db76d.jpg 

the woodland path is very nice

 photo 23-IMG_0092_zps8ef26188.jpg

And ravens…

 photo 24-IMG_0095_zpse0d3da09.jpg 

lens flares

 photo 25-IMG_0098_zps38e62a25.jpg

With some cut branches….

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