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Feb 2013: Traversing NY

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So I decided to go for a walk traversing NY

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This is what i love about NY, the space…

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Hmmmm. Do I really want to go into this?

 photo 04-IMG_0911_zpsb1960169.jpg  photo 05-IMG_0915_zpse18db693.jpg

That’s a narrow building…

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Rocks and layers.

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What on earth is premium virgin hair???

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You see some old buildings…

 photo 09-IMG_0927_zps7e5ccc60.jpg 

What a lovely clock and bell tower..

 photo 10-IMG_0930_zpsfa850fd6.jpg

Art on the sidewalk..

 photo 11-IMG_0932_zpsc3932ca5.jpg 

Hmmm, that’s a bit of a dreary building?  photo 13-IMG_0939_zpsa2644cde.jpg  photo 14-IMG_0942_zpsd3a3ac06.jpg

Old and New bikes…that one on the top looks brilliant…


 photo 12-IMG_0936_zps540ca808.jpg  photo 15-IMG_0945_zpsbdb47616.jpg photo 16-IMG_0948_zps4d01fcfe.jpg

Salvation Army…

 photo 18-IMG_0953_zpsb00a948f.jpg  photo 19-IMG_0957_zpsb6225730.jpg photo 21-IMG_0963_zps229c4593.jpg photo 20-IMG_0960_zpse3e41a2a.jpg photo 22-IMG_0966_zps91e70cb4.jpg photo 23-IMG_0969_zps6b56e02d.jpg

This is a very interesting brick clad building, fascinating sculptures and the fire escape, instead of detracting, actually provides a fascinating counterpoint to the brick.

 photo 24-IMG_0972_zps89a5c5b4.jpg

Time Machine?

 photo 25-IMG_0975_zps94624df0.jpg

A union shop..

 photo 26-IMG_0978_zps75f8116f.jpg  photo 27-IMG_0981_zps319aa535.jpg

A Spanish Benevolent Society..

 photo 28-IMG_0984_zps4e819d3f.jpg

heh, nice one.

 photo 30-IMG_0990_zps2056bb7d.jpg


 photo 31-IMG_0993_zps468f257f.jpg

Quite a lot of eagles..

 photo 32-IMG_0996_zpsffa64152.jpg  photo 33-IMG_0999_zpsaa44eb1f.jpg photo 34-IMG_1002_zps7089be1c.jpg photo 35-IMG_1005_zps4027c30e.jpg

Its a pharmacy now? Must have been a bank building or library or a government office back then…

 photo 36-IMG_1011_zpsf842abee.jpg  photo 38-IMG_1017_zps09d25718.jpg photo 37-IMG_1014_zps0e660f28.jpg photo 40-IMG_1022_zps01d4061c.jpg photo 42-IMG_1029_zps6b7f52e1.jpg photo 41-IMG_1026_zps343cb1d5.jpg

Nice Church. For Mexicans / Hispanic Catholics? given the saint I would guess…

  photo 39-IMG_1020_zpsa2230e09.jpg

And some mexican street food, I would have nipped over to have some if i had time..

 photo 43-IMG_1032_zps80ea7fc7.jpg 

this is a fascinating white building…very interesting.

 photo 45-IMG_1038_zps227d7c9f.jpg photo 47-IMG_1042_zps4853cac7.jpg  photo 48-IMG_1043_zpsb4f084db.jpg photo 49-IMG_1046_zps3b769e98.jpg

Here’s an interesting triangular building :)

 photo 51-IMG_1053_zps451bde31.jpg

There you go, for all people asking where’s the beef…

 photo 50-IMG_1050_zps5f80c2d0.jpg

The Spartan Plus place?

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