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Jan 2013: Seeing things in Black and White

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Wandering around Canons Park…and I still had my camera set to Black and White

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This rather strange Greek temple in the middle.

 photo 004-IMG_0110_zps5c847e84.jpg photo 008-IMG_0122_zpsf2a86984.jpg

With the remnants of ivy on the wall

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And some living ones

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I keep on walking

 photo 011-IMG_0131_zpsbfc2bf4f.jpg  photo 012-IMG_0134_zps353006ed.jpg

till I reach this little tunnel

 photo 013-IMG_0137_zps2d31bb3d.jpg

And then cross these trees

 photo 016-IMG_0146_zpsedd28d0e.jpg 

And I head towards the St. Lawrence Whitchurch

 photo 017-IMG_0149_zpsc00961b8.jpg

Handel used to play in this church!

 photo 018-IMG_0152_zps07f55ed0.jpg

the grave yard

 photo 019-IMG_0155_zpsdf3cc985.jpg

a little plaque talks about the history of this little church

 photo 020-IMG_0159_zps313fd77b.jpg

walking through the Lych Gate

 photo 021-IMG_0161_zps5a735747.jpg

the graves are all over the place

 photo 022-IMG_0164_zpsffa7dbbe.jpg 

a couple? with graves leaning over each other?

 photo 023-IMG_0167_zps7d9b2464.jpg

an interesting grave with a covering..

 photo 024-IMG_0170_zpsbdffdc83.jpg

And this lovely little grave, simple and dignified.

 photo 025-IMG_0173_zpsa0d1b18e.jpg

I found the church open and popped in. Here’s the church’s website.

 photo 026-IMG_0176_zpsc2f98715.jpg  photo 027-IMG_0179_zpse721c7c3.jpg

the decorations on the left and right are actually murals, not actually sculptures. Quite curious

 photo 028-IMG_0182_zps9fee326d.jpg

this church was the family church of the Dukes of Chandos, who owned the land around here. So dont expect major people here but despite that, normal people are remembered here.

 photo 029-IMG_0185_zps123596bd.jpg

Looking up

 photo 030-IMG_0189_zps1c17bf80.jpg 

Its a lovely little Baroque construction church

 photo 034-IMG_0200_zps35f9056e.jpg photo 036-IMG_0206_zps5b29ac8f.jpg photo 035-IMG_0203_zps2c8b82d4.jpg

the detailing is awesome, to see something such brilliant in a small church is fascinating.

  photo 037-IMG_0209_zpsfc2557fc.jpg

Lovely painted fresco’s

  photo 038-IMG_0212_zps34b91a99.jpg photo 039-IMG_0215_zps4851ff23.jpg

More paintings on the walls, some very nicely done.

 photo 040-IMG_0218_zpsc0a6bdf4.jpg

The pews had these rather interesting doors. Sounds like they were reserved for various people because they were numbered as well. One usually doesn't see numbered pews

 photo 041-IMG_0220_zps54f6a2d5.jpg

Looking back

 photo 042-IMG_0224_zps2e5b4e4d.jpg

With lovely lamps

 photo 044-IMG_0230_zpsf9faf50b.jpg

This is the original keyboard of the organ which Handel played, gosh, what a historical moment. This is kept in a little antechamber off the main church

 photo 045-IMG_0233_zpsed146c52.jpg  photo 046-IMG_0236_zps330315ab.jpg photo 047-IMG_0239_zpsd145ff8e.jpg photo 048-IMG_0242_zps7dcfc0c3.jpg photo 049-IMG_0245_zps3c9628af.jpg photo 052-IMG_0256_zpsd5c37ab0.jpg

And then you can turn up few steps and step into the mausoleum.

 photo 053-IMG_0260_zps7085d7f3.jpg  photo 056-IMG_0269_zpsc6467a44.jpg photo 057-IMG_0272_zpse80eb5b6.jpg photo 054-IMG_0263_zps3088db97.jpg  photo 055-IMG_0266_zpsecba0c49.jpg photo 058-IMG_0275_zpsd05e562c.jpg photo 060-IMG_0280_zps7db69b65.jpg photo 059-IMG_0278_zps0639b70d.jpg photo 064-IMG_0296_zpsf669f46a.jpg photo 062-IMG_0290_zps95355682.jpg

Its a really nice one, well maintained. The burial place of all the Dukes of Chandos and their families. Very well done with the carvings.

 photo 066-IMG_0302_zpsfa107064.jpg 

I turn to go out of the mausoleum.

 photo 074-IMG_0326_zpse85cca38.jpg

A book of remembrance

 photo 075-IMG_0329_zps951d04d4.jpg

The organists

 photo 077-IMG_0335_zps0d587408.jpg  photo 078-IMG_0338_zpsa85e8019.jpg

People who have donated to the church

  photo 079-IMG_0341_zps183fd3ae.jpg 

The baptismal font

 photo 081-IMG_0347_zpsf63ce965.jpg 

Then we move into the vestibule


 photo 093-IMG_0383_zps01211295.jpg photo 094-IMG_0385_zps01439733.jpg photo 095-IMG_0389_zps60b8d963.jpg  photo 082-IMG_0350_zps08ba8cb3.jpg photo 083-IMG_0353_zps769918f3.jpg


with this extraordinarily beautiful 18th century staircase which leads up to the Pews which the Duke of Chandos used

 photo 084-IMG_0356_zpsc4989744.jpg  photo 085-IMG_0359_zps0f70c506.jpg

Some of the heraldic banners on the walls of the stairwell.

 photo 087-IMG_0364_zps5300b392.jpg

I reach the pew and look down at the church

 photo 089-IMG_0370_zpsbaed5119.jpg

Lovely ceiling

 photo 090-IMG_0374_zps9ba2e5c1.jpg

the chairs placed for the Duke’s family

 photo 103-IMG_0413_zps180db6a4.jpg 

I move outside into the graveyard

 photo 104-IMG_0416_zps1bf184aa.jpg

Old old graves…falling apart..and with some lovely decorations

 photo 107-IMG_0424_zpse891583c.jpg

the sun is setting

 photo 109-IMG_0431_zps5ef388c9.jpg  photo 117-IMG_0455_zps92f511a2.jpg 

 photo 124-IMG_0476_zps005a485b.jpg  photo 125-IMG_0479_zps35c6b1d4.jpg

Some war graves here. brave soldiers, salutations

 photo 111-IMG_0437_zps0261ccc2.jpg

Some very nice decorations, good to see that they have not been forgotten

 photo 112-IMG_0440_zpsc4fcc5ee.jpg

Remember the book of remembrance above? here’s a plaque which talks about their ashes.

 photo 113-IMG_0443_zps50187277.jpg

this was a very strange grave ornament. looks like 2 hands coming up from the ground holding this vase. bit creepy if you ask me

 photo 114-IMG_0446_zpsbab4ae37.jpg

This is a very nice exhibit, with a stone book, nice.

 photo 116-IMG_0452_zps5f7c99dd.jpg

Another war grave…of a pilot.

 photo 118-IMG_0458_zps61dac173.jpg 

Every time I see this, I love it, nothing in moderation, that’s what I want on my grave

 photo 119-IMG_0460_zpsc72f6f66.jpg

shrubs growing out of the grave…some of them are not managed or maintained :(

 photo 121-IMG_0467_zps6231d755.jpg  photo 122-IMG_0470_zpsa403f1e0.jpg

two more soldier graves

 photo 123-IMG_0473_zpsd31de1b6.jpg

looking up the graveyard

 photo 127-IMG_0485_zps62da7efd.jpg 

another angel…

 photo 131-IMG_0500_zps6b233746.jpg 

another soldier’s grave

 photo 137-IMG_0518_zpsabe693a3.jpg

two cute little lambs

 photo 138-IMG_0521_zps1d348212.jpg

another extraordinarily beautiful grave

 photo 141-IMG_0530_zps0582e776.jpg 

A mourner at a grave

 photo 143-IMG_0536_zps6771e961.jpg

An engraving on the Lych Gate

 photo 144-IMG_0539_zpsfceda1c6.jpg

you can make out the old old beams

 photo 147-IMG_0548_zps8552bd2a.jpg

A police warning to dog walkers..

 photo 149-IMG_0554_zps8fc4962f.jpg

A more modern fence..enclosing a children’s playground

 photo 151-IMG_0559_zpse3a7f64d.jpg 

Walking back to the car

 photo 152-IMG_0563_zps9d185f8b.jpg


 photo 153-IMG_0565_zps92e78dca.jpg


 photo 154-IMG_0569_zps1e085ecf.jpg

becoming dark in this twilight zone

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