Friday, January 17, 2014

Feb 2013: Airport to Airport

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So last year in Feb I had to go to NY. While sitting in the plane, decided to take some pics

 photo 02-IMG_0644_zps080c6112.jpg

I think that plane in the end is suffering from some dodgy illness, eh?

 photo 03-IMG_0647_zps287014b8.jpg

they look so nice

 photo 04-IMG_0651_zps94e06a89.jpg  photo 05-IMG_0654_zps33ec25cc.jpg

Dont pull stuff..

 photo 06-IMG_0657_zpsb994a084.jpg

The under appreciated parts of a plane

 photo 07-IMG_0660_zps67c50329.jpg

hmmm, the arse end of the plane..not very good looking is it? and this can do with a bit of a wash

 photo 08-IMG_0663_zps0d21781f.jpg


 photo 09-IMG_0666_zps309d7d21.jpg

Wotcha doing?

 photo 10-IMG_0669_zps39bd8b37.jpg

OIY! stop faffing around

 photo 11-IMG_0671_zps95abc58c.jpg

gourmet? on airline food?

 photo 12-IMG_0674_zpsac988e3a.jpg photo 13-IMG_0677_zpsbc51b4dd.jpg  photo 14-IMG_0681_zps9edba668.jpg photo 22-IMG_0708_zps5795d0d1.jpg

Coming into land

 photo 15-IMG_0683_zpsbfb38d44.jpg

All lined up nicely.

 photo 16-IMG_0687_zpsc2284367.jpg

I know that sign :)

 photo 17-IMG_0689_zps271b543c.jpg

cleaning the nose?

 photo 18-IMG_0693_zps8c3537b8.jpg

Peek a boo.

 photo 20-IMG_0699_zpsc2166dd1.jpg

gosh…all this tooing and froing..

 photo 23-IMG_0711_zps07da384f.jpg

There’s the T5…Actually, one of the unsung hero’s of British Engineering, one of the largest civil engineering projects in Europe, came in before time and under budget, not many people can claim that.

 photo 25-IMG_0717_zps0fa66648.jpg

Service Entrance I presume?

 photo 26-IMG_0720_zps935af956.jpg

The fuel stuff

 photo 27-IMG_0722_zps113cf0ee.jpg photo 28-IMG_0726_zps30dae870.jpg

And we are off

 photo 29-IMG_0728_zps55f3bbe1.jpg

Communications station?

 photo 30-IMG_0732_zps16fa8a42.jpg

and a Tesco, lol

 photo 31-IMG_0734_zps59e906e0.jpg  photo 32-IMG_0738_zps5bf45ad5.jpg photo 34-IMG_0743_zps726c81b5.jpg photo 33-IMG_0741_zps46b78c6a.jpg photo 36-IMG_0750_zps75ac3fac.jpg photo 35-IMG_0747_zps4a43a8ab.jpg

Views over South West London

 photo 37-IMG_0753_zps22d24add.jpg

What on earth is this?

 photo 38-IMG_0756_zpsf9d6c200.jpg 

Into the clouds

 photo 39-IMG_0758_zps01e8a1d9.jpg

Breaking above the cloud barrier

 photo 40-IMG_0765_zpsb2b6d2d5.jpg

somewhere over Canada?

 photo 41-IMG_0768_zps8eb4b138.jpg

I can see the plane

 photo 43-IMG_0774_zps8710517c.jpg photo 44-IMG_0777_zpse8eec252.jpg  photo 45-IMG_0780_zps06e8554d.jpg photo 46-IMG_0783_zpsdf4a0f92.jpg photo 47-IMG_0786_zpsd88dc410.jpg photo 49-IMG_0792_zps81ee0633.jpg photo 48-IMG_0789_zps47502170.jpg photo 50-IMG_0795_zpsc21bacbd.jpg photo 52-IMG_0801_zps567cab8d.jpg photo 51-IMG_0798_zps885f16c0.jpg

 photo 53-IMG_0804_zps0051aebb.jpg

I suppose this is the fire training ground..

 photo 54-IMG_0810_zpsb1734241.jpg

But what on earth is this silo?

 photo 55-IMG_0813_zps224bbd7c.jpg


 photo 56-IMG_0816_zps3d0136f7.jpg

I think they are anticipating a cold winter

 photo 58-IMG_0822_zps47913ed2.jpg

so many terminals..

 photo 59-IMG_0825_zpsa31d66ad.jpg

I start packing up..

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