Thursday, January 16, 2014

Feb 2014: Steel Curves and Gothic Buildings

I popped into the British Library

 photo 01-IMG_0572_zps3e404186.jpg

As usual, the Metropolitan line decided to pack it in so we were asked to debark at Wembley Park and

 photo 02-IMG_0575_zps4979ca2e.jpg

So while waiting for the Jubilee Line train, decided to click away

 photo 03-IMG_0578_zps6e474622.jpg photo 04-IMG_0581_zpsfab8a84e.jpg photo 05-IMG_0584_zps2a273e1a.jpg

And then the train decides to make an entrance.

 photo 06-IMG_0587_zps2a738bd0.jpg

so hello…

 photo 07-IMG_0590_zpsfc75fb42.jpg 

and then popped into the train and popped out

 photo 08-IMG_0593_zps55c1799a.jpg

nice curves

 photo 09-IMG_0596_zps5fb90d68.jpg

traffic is bad

 photo 10-IMG_0599_zpsb493aaff.jpg 

now that’s a serious grill…

 photo 11-IMG_0607_zps0ef9cab7.jpg  photo 12-IMG_0610_zps304c6ebd.jpg photo 13-IMG_0614_zps8dd85706.jpg

 photo 14-IMG_0617_zps8c124c64.jpg 

the St. Pancras Gothic monstrosity

 photo 15-IMG_0624_zps66adedd8.jpg 


 photo 16-IMG_0630_zps4ddf90c2.jpg 

 photo 17-IMG_0633_zps649eb7ca.jpg

And its getting to a sunset :)

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