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Jan 2013: Visiting some old chaps

I dropped off Diya at a birthday party and then wandered over to the side. I knew I had seen a cemetery around here on google maps, and I did find it

 photo 009-IMG_2648_zps70c2358f.jpg

It is a rectangular plot

 photo 010-IMG_2652_zps8cc73f93.jpg

in a strange way, it looks devastated

 photo 012-IMG_2660_zps7acf5710.jpg 

so i walk around the plot to find a place to get in and come across this signpost which has been vandalised

 photo 013-IMG_2663_zpsa8e1a187.jpg

walking up the path

 photo 014-IMG_2667_zpsd86a762c.jpg

I spot a little tree trunk which was on the side of the path

 photo 016-IMG_2673_zpsc9919837.jpg

very interesting holes, one of a woodpecker and another of wood boring worms

 photo 017-IMG_2676_zpse47ba213.jpg  photo 019-IMG_2685_zps1438debb.jpg

the patterns are amazing, and a dried out leaf..

 photo 018-IMG_2682_zps6c0576a5.jpg  photo 021-IMG_2691_zps42a71fed.jpg

it almost looks like a close up of elephant skin

 photo 022-IMG_2697_zps38a91a96.jpg

carry on macduff, no faffing around. 

 photo 024-IMG_2703_zps9d43fc36.jpg

another fallen trunk

 photo 025-IMG_2706_zps99f3c13f.jpg 

ah! a gap in the fence,,but that may be a bit challenging to pop in with my corpulent self

 photo 026-IMG_2709_zps0edd8d68.jpg 

looking up and seeing a curved branch

 photo 027-IMG_2712_zps3ae57fb4.jpg 

can you see rivulets of bark?

 photo 028-IMG_2715_zps2fc19bec.jpg

I come into the cemetery proper..

 photo 029-IMG_2718_zps3de2393e.jpg

Old contemptibles Association. Fascinating story behind this.

 photo 030-IMG_2721_zpsc18bad94.jpg

now that is so sad…

 photo 031-IMG_2724_zps5b8046f4.jpg

An old gravestone of Martin something. Aged 15 years. He was killed by a bomb in 1945..what a little tragic story

 photo 032-IMG_2727_zps992cf5d8.jpg

I wonder what this is

 photo 033-IMG_2730_zps50ac5871.jpg

Somebody has left a little tinsel Christmas tree. A tiny offering of love and remembrance.

 photo 034-IMG_2733_zps0df7f3dc.jpg  photo 035-IMG_2736_zpsebbecf64.jpg photo 036-IMG_2739_zps88cb9b28.jpg photo 037-IMG_2742_zpsfaf8c74f.jpg

This cemetery has quite a lot of war graves, all of them dating back to WW2. Artillery, Royal Ordinance, some sailors..

 photo 040-IMG_2751_zps4739a9ab.jpg

Some vandalism has happened

 photo 041-IMG_2754_zps49597118.jpg 

Previously you had some rather interesting grave decorations with these corner posts and chains.

 photo 043-IMG_2760_zpsf7d8bfe7.jpg 

A couple buried in 1913 and 1918. Almost 100 years back. Together again for a long time..

 photo 044-IMG_2763_zpse16de022.jpg 

And another vandalised grave

 photo 045-IMG_2766_zps262c37dd.jpg

Another casualty of the war

 photo 046-IMG_2769_zpsa74b3dab.jpg  photo 047-IMG_2772_zpse6c0a26a.jpg photo 048-IMG_2775_zps51715efd.jpg

More war graves…looks like there were quite a lot of people from around here who served in the WW2

 photo 049-IMG_2778_zpsedb8bd1a.jpg

Some simple graves with wooden crosses

 photo 050-IMG_2781_zps65b5b59f.jpg  photo 052-IMG_2787_zpsbd00fbaa.jpg

More vandalised graves. Bastards!

 photo 053-IMG_2790_zps3e474181.jpg  photo 054-IMG_2793_zpsd157c6b7.jpg

More graves of soldiers photo 056-IMG_2799_zps59b2d6a6.jpg

Some sorry looking plastic flowers..

 photo 057-IMG_2802_zps7d851732.jpg

Celtic Crosses

 photo 058-IMG_2805_zpsaabc6d09.jpg  photo 059-IMG_2808_zpse3faed0f.jpg

More war graves

 photo 060-IMG_2811_zps25c24991.jpg

Some repairs to the path and drainage happening.  the orange colour is so eye catching

 photo 061-IMG_2814_zps8ff958aa.jpg

an ancient ancient grave

 photo 062-IMG_2817_zps256b3956.jpg 

repairing a gravestone…

 photo 063-IMG_2820_zpsfb6a93ce.jpg


 photo 064-IMG_2823_zpsdd28acbc.jpg  photo 065-IMG_2826_zpsd0dc0f1a.jpg photo 066-IMG_2829_zps9fc2ca09.jpg

A book lover?

 photo 067-IMG_2832_zps9e03a55e.jpg  photo 068-IMG_2835_zps818b2486.jpg

sighs. mindless vandalism

 photo 069-IMG_2838_zps5c145098.jpg

lovely sculpture

 photo 070-IMG_2841_zps47b6582b.jpg

a family together…

 photo 072-IMG_2847_zps13998ca3.jpg

A grave ornament which has collected water

 photo 073-IMG_2850_zps515df7ac.jpg

another one which has two stone doves on top.

 photo 075-IMG_2856_zpsf026c281.jpg

Mossy Angel

 photo 077-IMG_2865_zps52c6b5ed.jpg

I am now walking around

 photo 083-IMG_2883_zpseb577634.jpg

more moss on the stones

 photo 089-IMG_2904_zps8713d797.jpg


 photo 090-IMG_2907_zpsd5a244dc.jpg  photo 091-IMG_2910_zps0160d6cf.jpg photo 092-IMG_2913_zpsfbd7d9b7.jpg photo 093-IMG_2916_zps606dc81f.jpg photo 094-IMG_2919_zpsd9152734.jpg photo 095-IMG_2922_zpsb7fa99a3.jpg photo 096-IMG_2924_zps60721968.jpg

A “"White Man? curious

 photo 097-IMG_2928_zpsec4b0145.jpg

another toppled cross

 photo 098-IMG_2931_zps7a35dc68.jpg photo 099-IMG_2934_zps295805bb.jpg

total vandalism. Bastards indeed. Mindless hooliganism

 photo 100-IMG_2937_zpsdd0b7d1d.jpg

A lovely little angel

 photo 101-IMG_2940_zps6534afe9.jpg  photo 102-IMG_2943_zpse94186f0.jpg

More soldiers

 photo 104-IMG_2949_zps2dd52d6e.jpg


 photo 105-IMG_2955_zps3277dd5a.jpg  photo 106-IMG_2958_zpscaee8170.jpg

A little gate. Eh?

 photo 107-IMG_2961_zpsb2b57b61.jpg  photo 108-IMG_2964_zps5d7935e1.jpg

 photo 110-IMG_2970_zpse1cddf23.jpg  photo 111-IMG_2972_zps7aed9833.jpg


Then a collective grave of what looks like a nunnery..

 photo 109-IMG_2967_zps1e3674b4.jpg 

A boxer?

 photo 115-IMG_2985_zps3fed6f1e.jpg 

A headless statue..

 photo 117-IMG_3001_zps646cbec7.jpg

It is starting to get quite dark..

 photo 121-IMG_3012_zps3ed7ce57.jpg  photo 122-IMG_3015_zpsb26e08e0.jpg

More graves of brave soldiers

 photo 123-IMG_3018_zps5759b416.jpg

A tiny angel

 photo 124-IMG_3021_zpsc0f0f25e.jpg 

So many young men…

 photo 126-IMG_3026_zps626683a1.jpg

So this is the main gate, which is now closed. Dammit. 

 photo 127-IMG_3031_zps529a89fc.jpg

I walk back

 photo 129-IMG_3036_zpsb893ebe9.jpg 

And then reach the gap in the fence and slip out.

 photo 128-IMG_3034_zps69e0b530.jpg 

And then finish my little walk about in the cemetery with this rather scary tree. 

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