Friday, April 08, 2016

Feb 2014: Couples in Stone

At the Bhopal Museum. Whilst walking around, I was torn between two feelings. First was that its a shame how horrendously they have been displayed. And then I figured, well, at least they are displayed. Here are some photographs of statues which show various couples.

Most of the statues in the museum relate to about 8-13th century AD, most of them seem to be made out of sandstone. Really lovely pieces.

 photo IMG_8417_zps7ib3ysvu.jpg

 photo IMG_8426_zpsckiwntem.jpg

 photo IMG_8429_zpsbs8kjuqs.jpg

 photo IMG_8435_zpsshri2ylw.jpg

 photo IMG_8441_zps77rlrylp.jpg

 photo IMG_8531_zpspld3ergx.jpg

 photo IMG_9104_zpsbbx573wp.jpg

 photo IMG_9107_zpshaw3iuhx.jpg

 photo IMG_9110_zpssiohnkee.jpg

 photo IMG_9146_zpsi5irlboc.jpg

 photo IMG_9139_zps0adt0ida.jpg

 photo IMG_9205_zpstnbvobs9.jpg

 photo IMG_9208_zpstf11nhbp.jpg

 photo IMG_9212_zpswsqccbwu.jpg

 photo IMG_9214_zpsbi8ygcur.jpg

 photo IMG_9440_zpspz4opmwo.jpg

 photo IMG_9443_zpska9uigyk.jpg

 photo IMG_9445_zpswddwbhik.jpg

 photo IMG_9449_zpsuabcxjjl.jpg

 photo IMG_9452_zpsi2jae3tq.jpg

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