Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Jan 2014: Visiting the Medina of books in the UK: Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Library is the Medina of any book lover in the UK. The Mecca obviously being the British Library. It is one of the oldest libraries of course, and also is connected to the amazing chained books situation. I wasnt able to see it but one day I want to go see it...It is such a lovely old collection and every time I go to see Kannu, I try to pop in.

maybe once I get admission to one of the universities, I can then have a legitimate reason to pop in there to see some of the books.

 photo IMG_9184_zpslxw2sac4.jpg  photo IMG_9187_zpspasyj6gg.jpg  photo IMG_9193_zpsheckf4mk.jpg  photo IMG_9197_zps9qlvbwse.jpg  photo IMG_9203_zps79t3vuyg.jpg  photo IMG_9208_zpscj25blr1.jpg  photo IMG_9212_zpsa4j6okkc.jpg  photo IMG_9215_zpsiyiwwqlv.jpg  photo IMG_9218_zps2hmvrjp7.jpg  photo IMG_9221_zpsnwijrb4c.jpg  photo IMG_9227_zpshbwct3s9.jpg  photo IMG_9233_zpszte66mim.jpg  photo IMG_9238_zpstxraxy3z.jpg  photo IMG_9248_zps2kstn0tg.jpg  photo IMG_9251_zps4falvdg7.jpg  photo IMG_9254_zps0yo3dwzw.jpg  photo IMG_9257_zpsgxpgfsq6.jpg  photo IMG_9259_zpstahkvuj3.jpg  photo IMG_9263_zpsrqrjctov.jpg  photo IMG_9266_zpshlqfmr3d.jpg  photo IMG_9269_zpszm4qojnh.jpg  photo IMG_9272_zpsryfe9ho4.jpg  photo IMG_9275_zps8xvcpz0p.jpg  photo IMG_9286_zps8kvfpb4o.jpg  photo IMG_9290_zpsgwzasxwt.jpg  photo IMG_9295_zpse024gzi6.jpg  photo IMG_9298_zpswwrvv792.jpg  photo IMG_9302_zpsvu1guw8g.jpg  photo IMG_9306_zpsyq5evqp4.jpg

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