Thursday, April 14, 2016

Feb 2014: Ganesh in the Bhopal Museum

Here are some photographs of the statues of Ganesh. I was particularly taken by the Panchmukhi Ganesh, you usually dont see that form at all.

Another representation, of Ganesh with Shakti, is very unusual. Ganesh, as the old story goes, is too busy gadding about reading and writing, to be worried about women. Heck, his mother kept badgering him to marry, so just get her off his back, he married a banana plant. Notice the banana plant next to him at any Bengali Durga Puja.

So for him to be seen with Shakti is interesting. So when I read his entry in Wikipedia, seems like there was a concept of him having a consort as well as begetting sons!

   photo IMG_8366_zpsvk1mfgx1.jpg

 photo IMG_8369_zps0slffwge.jpg

 photo IMG_8417_zps7ib3ysvu.jpg

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