Monday, April 11, 2016

Feb 2014: The writing on the wall

An entire wing of the Bhopal Museum is devoted to inscriptions and writing. Perhaps one of the most wonderful places for me and i spent so much time here that the kids started whining away...Not fun. Anyway, take a look at some of the examples stored here. There are stone inscriptions and also metal tablets with inscriptions. Absolutely brilliant, I tell you, absolutely wonderful. One day I am going to get me a piece of this.

   photo IMG_8666_zps6dlmwxkp.jpg

 photo IMG_8669_zps3u3e8ayn.jpg

 photo IMG_8672_zpsjkdrrmnx.jpg

 photo IMG_8678_zpsls3zqg8q.jpg

 photo IMG_8681_zpsfxisebcm.jpg

 photo IMG_8684_zpsuvrilksu.jpg

 photo IMG_8687_zps4pnyo8qg.jpg

 photo IMG_8690_zpssufqboin.jpg

 photo IMG_8693_zpsrtvwmgzn.jpg

 photo IMG_8695_zps0cupa5lr.jpg

 photo IMG_8702_zpsbcv4lfdg.jpg

 photo IMG_8705_zpsyhdl8iy8.jpg

 photo IMG_8708_zpsnf6hr0fr.jpg

 photo IMG_8711_zpstqz77c4h.jpg

 photo IMG_8714_zpscpqjc2mm.jpg

 photo IMG_8716_zps82ydnw73.jpg

 photo IMG_8720_zps7qyrqrkv.jpg

 photo IMG_8723_zps79mkj17q.jpg

 photo IMG_8726_zpsn9msz6mz.jpg

 photo IMG_8729_zpshdn7ye1m.jpg

 photo IMG_8732_zpspp0q9qbm.jpg

 photo IMG_8735_zpsg7gfthmt.jpg

 photo IMG_8738_zpscjnt6mbn.jpg

 photo IMG_8741_zpsvpul8loi.jpg

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