Sunday, May 11, 2008

Never give up indeed

Here is a series of photographs of a dog whose front legs were amputated. And the doggie is amazing, just look at the pictures here. Couple of examples are here

I was gobsmacked, this was amazing, I thought it was a trick image and then looked at it closely. It was not.

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how about this one?

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I was empathising with this doggie. Once in the dim and distant past, I had a bit of an accident and the doctor replaced almost all bits in my right knee. Which left me on crutches for almost 18 months. Physiotherapy was a pigging pain and frankly, the doctors and physiotherapist told me that I will always be on crutches. I actually saw so many people who were in the same situation (on crutches or bed ridden...).

But there was this little girl, hardly 9 years of age, who would do her physiotherapy, she would be crying big fat tears of pain but still would go ahead and keep on exercising her knees. That gave me hope and shamed me into keeping on doing those bloody exercises.

I am still walking without crutches, the knee is still not fused and well, while have to go to the hospital every 3-5 years to get the joint cleaned (abnormal bone growth happens, bone fragments float around making walking a bit of a pain, the wires and screws get loose or move....), its still working, no artificial knee or anything yet.

But there was a downside, I became something of a medical oddity, and my doctor, bless his wonderful hands and soul, would regularly drag me out to his conferences and meetings to show off his handiwork. I had lost all shame or dignity by that time, and was quite accustomed to dropping my trousers in front of a large audience...But never give up.

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