Friday, May 02, 2008

Trust me, I did see the queen

(click on the photo for a full resolution photograph)

I was off to sunny Amsterdam this Tuesday and on the way, we were stopped by this young policeman on his bike. Very quick, and then nothing. Waited, wondered what the hell has happened. The limo chap swore and hoped it wasnt an accident and then said, might be somebody important. So anyway, I took up the phone and clicked.

Then, sod's law, it started to rain and then a long swish car went past and it was the Queen, pennant flying and all that, going off to Hounslow. And I couldn't take a photo because it was raining... But it was quite quick, thinking back, not more than 3-4 minutes. Quite a far cry when more important people visit and then the whole bloody town shuts down.

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