Saturday, May 31, 2008

Photo Essay: Demonstration in Lucknow

On the way to the Imambara, we were stopped in front of the UP Road Transport Corporation Offices because of some demonstration.

The driver stopped the car and I hopped out on the road divider to see the people coming out of the offices.

then many more came piling out of the offices. I couldnt see where they were coming from so moved out in front and peeked

Those are the offices.

Then they started shouting slogans and moved off clearing the road and we moved off as well. This is the same road where you have the High Court Bench and just a few days ago, it was shaken apart by some bloody terrorists. So people were very nervous, looking around nervously. Our driver was nearly having kittens at the thought of me being highlighted on the divider and actually being outside the car!

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