Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Cutest Road Roller!

Road rollers are never cute with the exception of Rolly of Bob the Builder.

These machines are big, thick clunky suckers which roll over the hot asphalt and roll it smooth. Obviously you need a big one because you are doing it to a big road and you need something wide and heavy.

and that's what my impression always was, that road rollers were of that size, you stay away from them.

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While walking around on a road on the way back, saw this nicely done up road on the left.
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this presumably is the bit which mixes the tar and the gravel, looks like a weird mouth or a horrible womb opening, OOOOO, horror film time, but kept on walking and then the surprise.
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it was a baby roller. So cute, just look at it, it would find rolling a pancake difficult, let alone a road but I suppose you need something like this for tight corners and small spaces.

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And here's the back end of the roller. Found it very cute indeed.
Here is the full slide show as usual.

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Isha Rana said...

Really cutest road rollers.
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