Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Queuing for a note

My colleague from HK sent this photo, we seem to have gotten into the habit of taking interesting photo's and sending it to each other.

So when this blackberry image arrived on my blackberry, I was very curious, what are they queuing about? But first a digression. These people are queuing at the foot of this fascinating building.

This is the Bank of China Building at the back looking like it has been made up of polygons. Yours truly took this picture couple of months back.

Here's another picture of this very interesting building taken when I was there last year.

During the night, its lit up via those white channels and looks amazing. It looks like lightning is running up and down the skin of the building.

Anyway, as it so happens, the Bank of China is selling special banknotes commemorating the Beijing Olympic Games and these people are queuing up to purchase those notes. Estimated resale price? HK$ 21.00! These are also considered to be good luck gifts!, how interesting!

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