Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Isambard Kingdom Brunel – one of my hero’s

Brunel has been one of my hero’s for a long period of time. The man left some major monuments behind, helped millions of people and was courageous, imaginative and absolutely a stonking giant of a man.


While walking from Embankment to my college, I again found myself up gazing up at his statue.


Here we go, the base says it all, he died in 1859. The man did so many things, he was an engineering polyglot, ships, bridges, tunnels, canals, railways, you name it, he not only designed it, but also constructed it. The man revolutionised how we see transportation.


Lovely day and he stands shadowed under trees but nobody can beat him. Which other engineer can boast of such a wide variety of accomplishments? Lets see if I can rattle off some names off the top of my head, Lesseps, Crapper, Eiffel, but none of them came close to Brunel. What a man!


Full slideshow here.

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