Friday, December 04, 2009

Photo Essay: Brave Leaves

Somebody once said that Autumn is the world’s greatest litter bug. While it made me smile, Autumn is a bit of a sad time as well. All the leaves shed and you know the cold, dark days of winter are going to be on you very soon.

Very poetic. Reminds me of couple of poems:

Graceful Departure by Scott Scheer

I want an end like autumn leaves
That gracefully depart the tree.
A life beyond the edge of branch
My season reached, a freedom's chance.

To drift upon a breeze refined
Descending toward my life's design.
To welcome all these changes sown
From light received to splendor shown.

And when I've reached my place of rest
I hope my life, by then, shines best.
As I depart this withered shell
With peaceful colors chosen well.

Here’s another one from the same site:

There in the park sat an old lady alone

Perfectly still as if turned to stone

And watched the Autumn leaves fall

Soon to answer Winter's call

She dreamed of days long gone by

When the trees were green with a bright blue sky

Of Spring and other delights

Of Summer and those nice warm nights

She thought as seasons come and seasons go

All to soon years pass or so it seems so

Her life full of Spring and Summer season

Now in her Autumn she found a reason

Just as we live with our toil and strife

Autumn leaves fall like days of our life

And prepare us to answer Winter's call

When too our own Autumn leaves begin to fall

Today was one of the worst storms that hit the country this year. With 100 mph storm winds hitting the South of England. Created quite a lot of damage. See the fence of our neighbour.


But here we come to the crux of this essay. I looked up at the tree and then went back into the house, got my new camera and came out to snap a photograph of this tree. It spoke to me. One of the worst storms in the country which has blown down fences at ground level, still shows a tree with few leaves still bravely clinging on to the tree. Can you see the shining gold leaves? Pretty good, eh?

Click on the photograph to see a much bigger resolution.

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Shubhi said...

Hey Sir!!You seems to be possesing deep poetic interest which I also share with U.It was nice reading those beautiful poems.

Shubhi Shukla.:)