Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some old technologies

I was in our Dutch offices for the last time I guess. And I noticed some display equipment which were frankly very interesting. Can you make out what they are? (Click on the photo to access a larger resolution)






The top photo relates to an IBM System 370. A system manufactured in the 1970's, so its about 35 years of age, equivalent to the pyramids in normal human age, I guess.

The second and third photograph relates to the IBM 3330 Direct Access Storage Facility. Again a 1970 vintage hard disk, it was designed to work with the IBM 370 machine and had an awesome memory of 100 MB!. The last two photographs are for the power unit for a very very old printer unit, but there is no information on the unit.

Here you go, a bit of a computer history for you.

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