Thursday, July 02, 2009

Photo Essay: Summer Shoes on the Tube

I am now starting to see some ladies wearing different and very interesting shoes and sandals on the tube. And I can take some unobtrusive pics while I am observing :). And no, I really dont have a foot fetish (see this previous note), its just interesting - I think.


This was a good photo, because I got four sets of feet / footwear in one. Going anti clockwise, The man’s shoes are fairly boring on first looks and not maintained at all. Not polished, fairly manky, showing good signs of being worked pretty hard. Obviously he is not working in a client facing role, he might be in facilities (he was still wearing a suit). They might be his favourite shoes and he would wear them fairly regularly. You can see how they have been made comfortable by regular wearing. When you see these shoes, you can understand what it means by “favourite shoes”. You wear them till they fit your feet like gloves and are almost as if you are barefoot.

Then you have the black and silver sandal. Very nice and quite interesting. But surely that would be a bit painful to wear, specially that silver cord around her Achilles tendon? Nicely painted toe-nails, short and well maintained. The lady has time and looks after her feet, showing some form of sporty background in her life. It seems like she does quite a lot of walking, looking at the visible well defined muscles.

The top one was a shoe in beige leather, very delicate work, with a cute little heel, not too high. Very nice feet, long and narrow, almost like dancer’s feet, if you know what I mean. Again, looks like quite an active girl. The white shoes on the left were ok, with just a hint of red painted nails peeking out. I was reminded of kimonos. Kimonos have this inner coat which is of a different darker colour and that little bit peeking out is considered to be quite erotic. Hmmm, not sure about this one. Perhaps you need to have a bit more peeking out. Also, that tilted pose is quite symptomatic of this girl being very uncomfortable in these shoes. Either those are new or she has been walking quite a lot in them and now the heels are hurting badly. So many times you see women tilting their shoes left or right or back. Immediate symptom of her wearing the heels for too long and hurting feet a. You can also see the veins popping out, she must have back problems with wearing heels. What rot I talk, eh?


Now here’s a pair of black shoes, well polished, well worn and maintained. Nothing much to say other than they are again nice comfortable shoes. But the lady’s shoes are a disaster. Too much metal on it. The strap buckle is on the wrong side, it should be kept inside the leg. Secondly, I am afraid the nail polish is terrible, all chipped and stuff. Why put nail polish on anyway if you can't/wont maintain it? Just leave it au naturel and it would look just fine. And finally, for pity’s sake, buy your shoes of the right size. Look how the left big toe is hanging over the edge. Very unattractive not to mention that it would be quite painful to walk around in, no?


Here’s a nice tidy cute looking pair of white strappy sandals, nails nicely painted, but I would say that this shoe also is a tad bit too small. Why is it that women tend to have this problem? Is that because their feet swell? or is the reason that they find a shoe which they like but can't have it in their size and still purchase it? weird or what?

And a standard white thin soled shoe, called Ballerina. Nothing to write home about, tells me that the lady is quite conservative but well to do, because the shoes look well maintained. She has a nice relaxed stance, might have some dance training in her history sometime. In the background, we have a gentleman who is wearing black leather office shoes and is totally bored as you can make out from his habit of rocking back and forth. I would say that’s a sign of being quite athletic, no?


We now see a pair or purple flip flops. Very unattractive when you are out and about, please. And then a tattoo on the left ankle. Gaks. Not good at all. The lady on the right is wearing pointed shoes with a very small tiny pointed heel. I can never understand the sense of these shoes. The heels can barely be seen but they should be ferociously uncomfortable. Why have shoes like that?


Here are some more shoes. Now look at these pumps on the left hand side, very sensible shoes one might think or if you look closely, they could also be salsa or Spanish dancing shoes. All very good and nice, completely ruined by that silly unattractive sock kind of thingie poking out of the shoes. Gaks some more. Then we have two pairs of highly shined white office shoes, nothing much to say. But the strappy sandals in the back are very good, very nicely maintained, nice height, nice nail polish, matches with the dress and the sandal looks very summery if a tad bit risqué’. Looks very nice and attractive. 10/10


Then we have a pair of very comfortable slippers on the left, that’s what I would call as the right size. Mind you, the lady on the right has the right gap to show off her painted nails, but gosh, those toes are going to pinch by end of the day. Still, looks nice. She looks as if she has a job which involves quite a lot of standing…


Another pair of slippers but looks ok, with the nicely painted nails, and in the background, a nice minimalistic sandal, and a tiny tattoo. Very nice and cute.


Suede shoes, sneakers without socks and two ordinary shoes. Nothing much, but heck, man, suede shoes? at this time? no no, doesnt work at all..


And we end with a varied bunch of shoes ranging from blue pumps on the bottom left, then a pair of black shoes, a sporty sandal, sneakers (check out the tattoo of Jesus on that chap) and then another nice simple sandal. Ok, now I am getting bored, and you must think I am mad. Ah! heck!


jiteshkv said...

Hahaha...couldn't resist adding comments to this post...sorry! Some very nice collection of pics from interesting angles...and thanks for such an informative commentary. You really have an eye (both eyes) for details...

Looking at the pics I started to imagine myself doing the same here in India...on our crowded Metros...then suddenly I realised I am being beaten to pulp coz some chap saw me clicking snaps of ladies...he didn't notice at all that poor me was clicking pics of just shoes...scary to click such pics in India...I'll say this may become an adventure sport that provides you with adrenaline rush if you were to do it here in India.


Mr. D said...

I happen to like suede shoes! So comfy. A little too metrosexual sometimes, though :)

Avis said...

Nice pictures of those summer shoes!! I like to choose single strip sandals in summers...