Monday, March 07, 2016

Jan 2014. Faces on Wood

After my wander around in Central Park, I met up with my friend, Katie, and wandered around the metropolitan museum. These faces were painted on wooden panels and were inserted into the mummies, as an indication to show what the deceased looked like. No Golden Mask like King Tut, these are in the post Grecian age of Egypt and some into the Roman Egyptian time.

but the paintings are just so lifelike. How exquisite. Look at the faces. They are so lifelike, hundreds of years later. The paintings of the boy are so lifelike....and the girl...gosh, one would fall in love with her.

 photo IMG_1941_zpschhleqie.jpg  photo IMG_1944_zpsdebi7big.jpg  photo IMG_1950_zpsohuoublv.jpg  photo IMG_1953_zpshtcjuclz.jpg  photo IMG_1958_zpsyv0g1ycf.jpg  photo IMG_1962_zpszyms2qrx.jpg  photo IMG_1965_zpsft2vd3on.jpg  photo IMG_1968_zpspvttluan.jpg  photo IMG_1973_zpspmjr4lco.jpg  photo IMG_1977_zpsgunasdqn.jpg  photo IMG_1980_zpsxasrbep7.jpg  photo IMG_1983_zpsfotj8jvh.jpg

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