Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Jan 2014: Faces

Here are a series of photographs of some really arresting faces in three formats, one is in the form of a free standing statue, then we have a plaque and then small terracotta test statues. But the amazing thing about each of them is how powerfully their expressions come out. Truly magnificent statues.

 photo IMG_3327_zpsoa9q2ggt.jpg

 photo IMG_3330_zpsucp10wwr.jpg  photo IMG_3333_zpssnzx1wqb.jpg  photo IMG_3336_zps2wjs8xg3.jpg  photo IMG_3339_zpsvxltxn4w.jpg  photo IMG_3341_zpskkxfy9qc.jpg  photo IMG_3345_zpshlt1nwsm.jpg  photo IMG_3348_zpsxrssr0pb.jpg  photo IMG_3351_zps23fcmtld.jpg  photo IMG_3354_zpsnk4laqgy.jpg  photo IMG_3357_zpswqycuckc.jpg  photo IMG_3360_zpsr7dpjzeo.jpg  photo IMG_3363_zpsoqpqdl8m.jpg  photo IMG_3366_zpse64zpiyy.jpg  photo IMG_3369_zpss0cylaco.jpg  photo IMG_3378_zpsck9vqfar.jpg  photo IMG_3381_zps4z5tv9ku.jpg  photo IMG_3384_zpsqwzb7b8z.jpg  photo IMG_3387_zpsneqrvomq.jpg  photo IMG_3390_zps0da5zpbf.jpg  photo IMG_3396_zpsge6xykjl.jpg  photo IMG_3398_zpsb3zcuxml.jpg

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