Friday, March 11, 2016

Jan 2015: New York Met: The fantastic Faberge Collection

then I come to something that is just amazing, the Faberge collection of eggs and other curios. Faberge was a Russian Jeweller and used to make the most amazing jewellery collection for the great and good of Russian and European society back when it was a society. When the czars roamed. (I have to tell you this joke...if the king was a Czar and the queen was a Czarina, what are the kids called? Czardines) 

the exquisite work is amazing, i fogged up the glass trying to peer closely at these amazing pieces of jewellers art. 

 photo IMG_3069_zpsqculdudy.jpg
 photo IMG_3072_zpszylasteg.jpg  photo IMG_3074_zps1kfc5qws.jpg  photo IMG_3078_zps8pz3hf88.jpg  photo IMG_3081_zpsfktwlxou.jpg  photo IMG_3084_zpsr2gxue6m.jpg  photo IMG_3087_zpsxz6etwcv.jpg  photo IMG_3089_zpsejpjxd6b.jpg  photo IMG_3093_zps3kf6aqtz.jpg  photo IMG_3096_zps9wleuejj.jpg  photo IMG_3098_zpskgmqvi4r.jpg  photo IMG_3102_zpshecwyqow.jpg  photo IMG_3105_zpsrjm0392a.jpg  photo IMG_3108_zpsmcffz9bt.jpg  photo IMG_3110_zpsrvxlvplk.jpg  photo IMG_3114_zps2z9bwkjs.jpg  photo IMG_3117_zpsqc5wivtg.jpg  photo IMG_3120_zpsfpusvwqf.jpg  photo IMG_3123_zpsmuaydzji.jpg  photo IMG_3126_zpsgn72o6mn.jpg  photo IMG_3129_zpswfgnyhk6.jpg  photo IMG_3132_zpsuiyhu6dx.jpg  photo IMG_3135_zpswjpbxzlm.jpg  photo IMG_3137_zpswsgzbjao.jpg  photo IMG_3141_zpsslaafaxi.jpg  photo IMG_3144_zpsrrhu1blb.jpg  photo IMG_3147_zpsntst2kqn.jpg  photo IMG_3150_zps7o0pxpjb.jpg  photo IMG_3162_zpsxy4ovban.jpg  photo IMG_3170_zpsz5mobenh.jpg  photo IMG_3174_zps8wkcdkgq.jpg  photo IMG_3166_zpswwcxadxo.jpg  photo IMG_3165_zpshyspq9hk.jpg  photo IMG_3168_zpshm3h42ib.jpg  photo IMG_3159_zpsammx0x71.jpg  photo IMG_3156_zpswnvp5mam.jpg

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