Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Jan 2014: The Nymph of Dampierre

Now here's a beautiful beautiful fountain with a delicious looking nymph washing her hair. The statue was made in 1763 and was placed in a Chateau in France.

The vase shows some satyrs chasing after some more nymphs. But she looks amazing, I am a sucker for long hair so to see one lady immortalised in stone...mmmmm

 photo IMG_3720_zpshvw33hcq.jpg  photo IMG_3723_zpsacbom0bs.jpg  photo IMG_3726_zpsrc4muchy.jpg  photo IMG_3728_zpsmjcvwspy.jpg  photo IMG_3732_zpsrwh1zmff.jpg  photo IMG_3735_zpss5jdhyki.jpg  photo IMG_3741_zpssztwweys.jpg  photo IMG_3744_zpsrgs4ia8x.jpg  photo IMG_3746_zpsoswtkdla.jpg  photo IMG_3753_zpsouksreaa.jpg

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