Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jan 2014: I fell in love all over again

Incarnation of Portia (Kate Dolan). She has haunted my dreams for many moons. But first the details. She was painted by Millais in the UK in 1886 and was long incorrectly identified as a portrait of Ellen Terry in her role as Portia from Merchant of Venice. Its actually Kate Dolan not Ellen Terry but wearing the same costume that Ellen wore in Act IV of the play. But bah! forget all that gumph.

Look at the face and hair, the strong lines, the lovely big innocent eyes, pools of innocence, that porcelain skin, that distant gaze with inscrutable expression, that dimple in the strong chin, god she is a goddess!

But scroll down to the bottom and see who she resembles, mindboggling resemblance no?

   photo IMG_3906_zpsozvegxu1.jpg photo IMG_3909_zps5twzafw2.jpg  photo IMG_3915_zpsnmvt5enk.jpg  photo IMG_3918_zpszabxv3d7.jpg  photo IMG_3921_zpsalmbdpaq.jpg  photo IMG_3924_zpspoeks2mb.jpg

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