Sunday, March 06, 2016

Jan 2014: New York: Earth and Rivers - the couple for life

this was an extraordinary sarcophagus lid for a family grave dating back to the Roman period of AD220. It shows Earth as the woman, holding some sheafs of wheat. the man is holding a reed, a representation of river gods. there is a lizard like creature on his left elbow while an animal with a little Eros on top is at the bottom. Extremely lifelike but note one thing, the man's face is well carved, but what happened to the woman? So the theory goes, he died before her and nobody bothered to carve her head after she died.

And I just stood there looking at the unfinished head of the woman. everything else was so beautifully finished, the feet, the arms, the draped clothes, the hand under the chin, but not the head. What an extraordinary sight.

 photo IMG_2865_zpstmi9uwbw.jpg
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