Monday, March 21, 2016

Jan 2014: Ugolino and his sons

Ugolino was an Italian Nobleman and he was mentioned in Dante's divine comedy. As a father myself, this story and this representation hit very close to my heart and mind. Yes, i would have gone mad if I had to face this scenario. The sculptor is obviously brilliant and brings out the madness and the horrible choice in front of the father clearly.

 photo IMG_3623_zpsdlscyw17.jpg

 photo IMG_3627_zpsvrkcqcwr.jpg

 photo IMG_3630_zpszowroerg.jpg  photo IMG_3633_zpscapishqy.jpg

 photo IMG_3636_zpse0r2uzxo.jpg

 photo IMG_3639_zpsv71qsnbo.jpg

 photo IMG_3642_zpstmtzkyue.jpg

 photo IMG_3645_zpsxnn8ltlo.jpg

 photo IMG_3660_zpsggeswfgx.jpg

 photo IMG_3662_zpsfuft7gvd.jpg

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